** The majority of names allocated to Squadrons have been taken from Regimental race day programmes  dated 1907 & 1909.




Col. Richard G. P., The Earl Howe, GCVO

London Gazette, on the 17th of February the Earl Howe resigns his commission and is granted permission to retain his rank and to wear the prescribed regimental uniform. 


Melton Mowbray 1914

Back row :- Capt. C N Newton, Capt. W S B Blackett, Capt. G Codrington, Major. W F Martin, Adj. J Bailward (19th QAOH), Lt. C Peake, ? (7th QOH), Lt.? A Sqn, Capt. J C S Burkitt (MO).

Seated :- Major. W Ricardo, Sir. F F Fowke, Bart, Major.?, Mrs Evans-Freke, Lt.Col. Hon. P C Evans-Freke, Mrs Halliday, Capt. J A Halliday (11th PAOH), Major.?, Major. W Byron.

Floor :- Lt. E R Hanbury, 2/Lt. W S Fielding-Johnson.


The date of the above picture is a conundrum as Capt. G R Codrington and Major. W F Martin appear to be wearing the 1914 ribbon. It is possible that both officers could have gone to France prior to the regiment as part of a vanguard short tour, but the question remains whether or not the medal ribbon would be available so quickly on their return? Capt. Codrington's medal index card shows entry into France as 3rd of November and no earlier.


Lt.Col. Hon. P C Evans-Freke leading the Leicestershire Yeomanry through Melton Mowbray (Thorpe End) going towards Grantham, circa 1914. Immediately behind the Colonel is RSM Parker.


Lt.Col. T E Harrison D.S.O

Commanding Officer 1911-13 (Gazetted (London), 17th December 1912), pictured here in 1907. (Note his "LYC" cap badge). He had also served in the 1st Royal Dragoons from 1885-1891. He was also Master of the Galloway Hounds. He took some "time off" in 1913 and then took the Hertfordshire Yeomanry to Egypt at the start of the War in 1914. Gazetted (London), resigns commission in the LYPAO but is granted permission to retain his rank and wear the prescribed uniform, dated 17th December 1913.


Lt.Col. W A Peake D.S.O

Commanding Officer of the  LIY from 1905-11. In 1905, following the retirement of Colonel Frederick Gordon Blair, Walter A Peak, became the new Lt.Col. Commandant. He had joined the regiment as a Lieutenant in 1877 and had promoted to Captain in 1887 and Major in 1899. Gazetted (London), Major and Honorary Lt.Col in the Leicestershire Yeomanry Cavalry, to be Captain, with temporary rank of Captain in the Army. Dated 21st of March 1900  and then Major, dated 6th of September 1901.


In 1908 the passing of the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act meant that the Yeomanry amalgamated with the Territorial Force. The Leicestershire Yeomanry dropped "Imperial" form its title and became part of the North Midland Mounted Brigade with the Staffordshire and Lincolnshire Yeomanry. The new brigades were to have supporting services attached to them. Consequently, the Leicestershire Horse Artillery, a supply column of the of the Army Service Corps and a Field Ambulance Unit of the Royal Army Medical Corps were attached to the Brigade.


Colonel F G Blair

Commandant 1895-1905

Major Muir (A Sqn), Colonel Blair and Lt.Col. Harrison, Garendon Camp 1904.


Captain J A Halliday

(Grave memorial)

11th (P.A.O) Hussars, Adjutant of the Leicestershire Yeomanry from 1911 to Feb 1914.

Cpt. Halliday: This was the last photo taken of Halliday in August 1914 before he went to the front. He was born in London on 10th April 1875, educated at Harrow where he excelled at cricket, football and boxing. He went on to Trinity College Cambridge, winning the hammer-throwing prize at the Inter Varsity Sports in 1897. He joined the 11th Hussars in March 1898, becoming lieutenant in March 1900, troop commander in March 1905. He took part in the South African War in 1901 on special service, and afterwards on the Staff as signalling officer. He was present at operations in the Transvaal, Orange River and Cape Colonies, receiving the Queen's medal with 5 clasps.


Colonel Willoughby inspecting the kitchens with Colonel Harrison and Adjutant Captain Halliday c1911.


Captain Halliday  was adjutant from the 11th from April 1908 to Feb 1911 and appointed Adjutant to the Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry from March 1911 to Feb 1914. In World War 1 he commanded B Squadron during the retreat from Mons and was fatally wounded at Messines on 31st October. He died on 13th Nov 1914 in hospital at Le Touquet. He was buried close to the family home, Chicklade House, Salisbury. There was a firing party from the 11th and the last post was played. He was described as one of the most cheery, lion-hearted Englishmen that ever lived.


Captain Halliday (11th P.A.O. Hussars) can be seen seated to the left of Major. Hon. PC Evans-Freke, c1912.

Back Row: {Unknown}, {Unknown}, Capt. C H Martin, Cpt. F W Martin, {Unknown}, {Unknown}, {Unknown}, Cpt. W S B Blackett.

Middle Row: {Unknown}, Cpt.Ricardo, Col. Harrison, Mjr. P C Evans-Freke, Cpt. Halliday, Cpt. W Byron.

Bottom Row: 2/Lt S P D Thompson, {Unknown}, Lt. E R Hanbury, Lt. C Peake.


Camp Lutterworth 1912 (Misterton)


A & C Squadron Officers with the Colonels of the Regiment in 1904, Garendon Camp.

Back Row: Lt.?, Lt.?, Capt. W F Martin, Capt. W S B Blackett, 1st (Royal) Dragoon Adj.Captain E York, ?, Capt. The Hon. P C Evans-Freke, ?, Major Muir, Lt.?, Capt.?, Capt.?.

Middle Row: Lt.Col. Peake DSO, Col. Blair, Lt.Col. Harrison DSO, Major or Lt.Col E de Lisle (not a "Field Officer").

Front Row: Lt.?, 2/Lt.?, 2/Lt.?, 2/Lt.?, 2/Lt.?, 2/Lt.?, A Captain from the Middlesex Hussars (Yeomanry).


Captain Hon. R B F Robertson, 21st "E I" Lancers

Leicester Yeomanry Adjutant  from 1907 to 1911. Lt. Roberts served in South Africa  (Gloucestershire Hussars Yeomanry and 21st Lancers) where he was first acquainted with the LIY officers in Harrismith, SA. Gazetted on the 1st of April 1908 from the Adjutancy of L (PAO) I.Y., to be the Adjutant of the L (PAO) Yeo for the residue of his tenure.


Lt The Hon R B F Robertson can be seen on the right of this group in Harrismith, SA 1900.


Captain Robertson can be seen here inspecting a Troop, note also the mixed uniform of the mounted men.


Captain Edward York

1st (Royal) Dragoons, Adjutant to the PAOLIY from 1903-07. He donated a Silver Cup for the best recruit into the Regiment and its still resides within the Mess silver store today. It was used right up to 1969 for the same purpose.


Capt. H T Barclay

Hedword Trelawney, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908. Resigns his commission, dated 12th of November 1913.


Capt. W Byron

Wilfred, gazetted (London), promoted Major on the 4th of June 1913.


Capt. F Chaplin

Frank, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908.


Capt. C N Newton

Charles Noel, gazetted (London), Gent., to be 2nd/Lt dated 26th February 1902 and gazetted 22nd of August 1915 is restored to establishment.


Capt. R G Penn, The Earl Howe, GCVO

Richard George, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908.


Capt. G Stewart

Geoffrey, gazetted (London), retired pay, Reserve of Officers (late Coldstream Guards), to be Captain. Dated 25th May 1911.


Capt. Lord Willoughby de Eresby

Gazetted (London), 25th June 1901, Captain and Hon. Major, from the Leicester Imperial Yeomanry, to be Captain.


Capt. S C Watson, Lord Arberdour

Sholto Charles, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908.


Capt. J S Willet

Gazetted (London), Retired Pay, Reserve of Officers, resigns his commission dated 21st December 1901.


Quartermaster & Hon.Lt. J Crowley

Gazetted (London), 2nd April 1912, (Riding Master & Hon.Lt., retired pay, Reserve of Officers, late 1st (Royal) Dragoons) John Crowley is granted the honorary rank of Captain.


Lt. P O Brocklehurst

Peter Orme, gazetted (London), resigns his commission on the 27th April 1912


Lt. C E T Eaton

Charles, gazetted (London), promoted Lieutenant 1st of July 1911, resigns his commission on the 23rd of August 1913.


Lt. W T D Ritchie

William Thackery Dennis, gazetted (London), (late Lance Corporal, Inns of Court Officers Training Corps) to be 2nd/Lt dated 9th March 1911, resigns his commission on the 6th of May 1914.


Lt. A L Tate

Alfred, gazetted (London), resigns his commission on the 5th of November 1913.


2nd/Lt. W B du Pre

William Baring, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908 (Also, Hon.Lt in the Army).


2nd/Lt. T W Best

Thomas William, gazetted (London), (late 2nd/Lt, 16th (The Queen's) Lancers) to be 2nd/Lt, dated 17th April 1912.


2nd/Lt. W B L Bonn

Walter Basil Louis, gazetted (London), 2nd/Lt dated 1st August 1912.


2nd/Lt. C H Atherton-Brown

Charles Harry, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908.


2nd/Lt. E S Fitzwilliam

Eric, gazetted (London), resigns his commission on the 21st of January 1911.


2nd/Lt. W S Fielding-Johnson

William, Gazetted (London), (late Cadet Officer, Rugby School Contingent, Junior Division, Officers training Corps) to be Second Lieutenant on the 16th March 1913.


2nd/Lt T W Hay

Thomas William, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908. London Gazette, 17th April 1912, Thomas resigns his commission.


2nd/Lt. J A Hornsby

James Arthur, (late cadet, Cambridge University Contingent, Senior Division, Officers Training Corps) Gazetted (London) 2nd/Lt dated 12th April 1911 and then transfers to the 5th Dragoons Guards on the 24th February 1912 as a "probationary" Lieutenant.


2nd/Lt. O V F Rowley

Owsley, gazetted (London), resigns his commission on the 19th of April 1913. In 1911 he was part of the Coronation contingent from Leicestershire and a Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Rutland. He lived in Morcott Hall, Uppingham. He was born in 1885 and died in 1941.


2nd/Lt. W E Paget

William Edmund, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908.


2nd/Lt. T G F Paget

Thomas Guy Frederick, gazetted (London), (Late 2nd/Lt, Scots Guards, formerly Lieutenant of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment.) to be 2nd/Lt dated 6th December 1912. On the 29th of March 1913 this appointment was cancelled.


2nd/Lt C Peake

Colin, gazetted (London), 2nd/Lt dated 19th of May 1911.


2nd/Lt. G C B Stevenson

George Charles Burton, list of LIYPAO Officers in the London Gazette and dated 25th of September 1908.


2nd/Lt S P D Thompson

Samual, pictured here in 1912, note his "LY" cap badge. Gazetted Lieutenant on the 6th of November 1913.


Lieutenant the Honourable Archibald Roderick Sholto Douglas

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, late Leicestershire Imperial Yeomanry and Lovat's Scouts, (1883-1971), Third son of Sholto George Watson Douglas, Earl of Morton; and great-nephew of Admiral the Honourable George Henry Douglas. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Leicestershire Imperial Yeomanry, 9.11.1901; Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, 9.8.1916. Gazetted (London), to the 1st Lovat's Scouts (from the LYPAO) dated 21st September 1914.



RSM Oliver Kaye (promoted 1909)

He was formerly a Staff SSM and became permanent Staff RSM

RSM David Ward (promoted 1907)

Joint RSMs of the regiment. Ewart was on the permanent Staff and Ward as an honorary RSM or "ghost".

RSM C Ewart (promoted 1904)


SSM Albert Quick

Formerly of the 19th Hussars and a Boer War Veteran, SSM Quick was posted as Permanent Staff to the Leicestershire Yeomanry on the 26th November 1912, a post he was still holding on the outbreak of the Great War. He went with this Regiment to France on the 1st November, one of the first Yeomanry Regiments to see action, as part of 7th Cavalry Brigade. He served there until 13th April 1915 (Frezenberg), when he returned to England. He was posted to 3/1st Leicestershire Yeomanry on the 3rd July 1915, most likely in a training role. He continued in this position until February 1917 when he was posted to the 3rd Reserve Regiment of Cavalry (which, incidentally, was affiliated with both the Leicestershire Yeomanry and the 19th Hussars), finally being discharged as “No longer physically fit for War Service” on the 8th October 1917.


LY NCOs on a course at Scarborough Barracks 1910.

Back row: Cheshire Yeo Cpl, Lincs Yeo Cpl, LYPAO Cpl, Lincs Yeo Cpl, ?, LYPAO Cpl, Lincs Yeo Cpl, Yorks Dragoons Cpl

Seated: 18th Hussars Cpl, 20th Hussars Cpl, ? Cpl, ? Sgt, Lincs Yeo Sgt

Floor: LYPAO Cpl, Lincs Yeo Cpl


The PAO Leicestershire Yeomanry at Whitwick Camp in Leicestershire circa 1912.



A Squadron

A Squadron at Garendon Camp 1904


Major P C Evans-Freke

Pictured here in 1912. He became "Brevet" Lt. Colonel in 1913 and full Lt. Col by December in that year. Born in 1871 and second son of the Eight Baron Carbery, he was a keen huntsmen and Secretary of the Cottesmore Hunt. His career in the regiment started in 1895. He attended Cavalry School in Aldershot in 1896 and was promoted to Leiutenant in 1899.


Gazette (London), Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (Honorary Lieutenant in the army) The Honourable Percy C Evans-Freke to be Lieutenant-Colonel dated 17th December 1913.


Major P C Evans-Freke can be seen (left) on Church Parade at Croxton Camp c1905. Colonel W A Peake DSO can be seen standing next to the Adjutant Captain. A Permanent Staff Officer from the 21st E.I. Lancers is  reading from the book.


The Colonels inspection of A Squadron lines c1905. 

A close up of the Officer group reveals a VIP in the Frockcoat and the LIY Adjutant from the 21st E.I. Lancers.

Major The Hon P C Evans-Freke giving orders to A Squadron c1905.


Major W Ricardo

Pictured here in 1912. On the 25th of September, in the London Gazette, he was listed as Major in the LIYPAO and also Major in the Reserve Regiment of Officers.


Lt. E R Hanbury

Evan, gazetted (London), 2nd/Lt on the 19th of May 1911.

Lt. Codrington

The future Colonel (1922-29) of the LY as a Subaltern, pictured on the 11th July 1907 (D Squadron Sports Day). He survived Frezenberg (wounded, A sqn 2ic) and Commanded the Regiment Post War and took the Salute in 1956 as Honorary Colonel (LY) on amalgamation of the Leicestershire Yeomanry and Derbyshire Yeomanry. Gazetted Captain on the 21st of June 1912. 


The Oakham troop c1913.



Croxton Park Camp c1907


SSM C Dickens

Sgt A E Gowing

Sgt. Chamberlin

Sgt. Slatter

Cpl. Marshall

Tpr. Bishop

Tpr. Marshall

Tpr. C J Payne (Snaffles)


A Squadron lines at Oakham in 1908.


A Troop of A Squadron being inspected by the Squadron leader Major Muir in 1904 at Garendon Camp.


Trooper A E Baker on "Mayflower" is seen furthest right c1913.


Trooper A E Baker on "Mayflower" is seen furthest right c1910.


3729 Tpr. A E Baker

Said to have "the best pair of hands", a reference to his riding ability, Arthur Baker was born in 1888 and a farmer's son from Bunbury Farm, Gaddesby near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. He was a Trooper during the Great War and did not see active service. His call up in 1918 was deferred on domestic grounds, his father was running a 300 acre farm and he already had an elder brother in France. His medal index card shows his Leics Yeo number, a time in the Dorset Yeomanry (Reg No 2107) and finishing his service with the Royal Engineers (254816) in France. He has the British war Medal and the Victory Medal as R.E. He died in 1963.

(Thanks to Ken Baker, his son, from Mapleton, Queensland, Australia.)


A Leics Yeomanry group with Tpr A E Baker standing second from left, c1910.


Tpr. Tidd

Tpr. H Marriott

Tpr. Wigginton

Tpr. Brutnall

Tpr. Haywood

Tpr. Platt


A Squadron at annual Camp Croxton Park, 1905.


A Squadron at annual Camp Croxton Park, 1905.


A Squadron at annual Camp Garendon Park, 1904.


Uppingham Troop, Garendon Park 1904.


Some of the Uppingham Troop A Sqn at Garendon camp 1904.


Belvoir Troop, Garendon Park, 1904.


A Belvoir Troop section in 1904.


Melton Mowbray Troop, Garendon Park, 1904. 


Gadesby Troop, Garendon Park, 1904. 


Annual camp 1903, in the lines.


Note the Folding Field Service Cap being worn by the Corporal with the white canvas shoulder bag.


Tpr. J J Sharpe

Tpr John James Sharpe was a horse dealer (Oakham) and served with the Yeomanry for eight years prior to World War 1. He was a keen soldier and on the start of the War joined the 9th Leicesters and was recorded as missing in action in France on the 22 March 1916.



B Squadron


B Squadron inspection.


B Squadron group 1913 annual camp, 1936 Tpr. M W Rowley (Standing furthest left, KIA 13/05/1915), Staff Sgt. J P Swain (standing in the middle of the group), this photo postcard was sent by Tpr. Gordon Cross on the 8th December 1913 to his mother in London.


B Sqn men at Camp c1913, Sgt A Wright of 1 troop (Cossacks) can be seen on the left.


A section of 1 Troop (Cossacks), B Sqn at annual camp 1913. (The Corporal and the Trooper, to his left, in this picture are seen in a postcard picture at Diss 1914 identifying 1 Troop).


SSM BSqn c1913


SQMS A Beardsmore

SSM O Kaye


2094 Saddler  Sgt. Frederick Burt

In 1915 he was commissioned into 3rd/1st Warwickshire Yeomanry and attached to the 20th Hussars, he was awarded the MC for an action on the 8th August 1918 (20th H citation) :-

‘for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when sent with his troop to find out enemy dispositions. Coming under heavy machine-gun fire he pushed on with three men and a Hotchkiss rifle, and by inflicting many casualties on the enemy and sending back accurate information assisted the advance of the infantry. Throughout the operations he showed great dash and initiative,’ (London Gazette 2 December 1918).


Sgt. Stone


1031 Sgt A E Stafford can be seen sitting on the front row second from the right, at annual Camp (Garendon)1909. He was killed in action at Frezenberg  6 years later. As you can see (just) in the photo he wears the South Africa medal with five bars, 65th (2nd/LY) Coy, 17th Btn. You can also see, standing at the back row in the middle, Sgt. Pring of the 21st Lancers. He was providing "Scouting" expertise to the Yeomanry during this Camp.


Sgt. F G Rose

Sgt. North

Cpl North

Cpl. Eglon

Cpl. A Wright

W.T. Alldridge

S/Sgt. J P Swain


Trooper Henry Almond

Born 16th December 1891in Leicester and died 29th August 1972.

 Living at 35 Chapel Street in 1920. His inset photo, in uniform, shows that he is wearing the LIY gilding metal cap badge with the "I" removed. This dates the photograph from c1908-10 as the "LY" cap badge was in service c1910. Henry would have been approximately 18 years old in this picture. Service records for the Great war have not been found for Henry due to the lack of Regimental number, however, his family states that he served with the Leicestershire Yeomanry during the Great war. 


Unidentified Trooper group, dated between 1908-10.


Tpr. Bates

Tpr. Cole


Tpr. A P S Ecker

Stanley joind the 10th Hussars from the Yeomanry before WW1 and fought in the same 3rd Cavalry Division.


Tpr. Glover

Tpr. Haggis

Tpr. Hardy

Tpr. S Maltby


Tpr F W Morritt

From Broughton-Astley and pictured around 1905 on a camp in Leicestershire.


Tpr. Salt

Tpr. Shilloker

Tpr. Jay


Annual Camp c1913, white hat bands indicate an exercise force.



Group of LIY O/Rs in Drill order, Garendon park 1901. The seated figure on the right with a white collar and cap band is thought to be a Trumpeter of the Warwickshire Yeomanry and the khaki clad men on the ground are recently returned LIY South African Veterans. The Corporal with the cane in the middle of the group also appears to be an SA veteran and is wearing the Imperial Yeomanry collar badges (POW feathers, see cap badges) and the QSA medal ribbon.



C Squadron


Major E de Lisle

Squire Everard de Lisle of Garendon House, Leicestershire (b.1862 d.1947)

Major de Lisle pictured in his grounds of Garendon c1913.


Captain W.F. Martin

Cpt. WF Martin (in 1911), although partially obscured in the photograph,  wears a South African Campaign medal with three clasps. He served in the ranks of the Imperial Yeomanry and became an Honorary Lieutenant in the army in July 1901, and Captain in the Regiment in 1904. (Killed in action [acting Major, C Sqn] on 13th May 1915, Frezenberg)


Captain F W Martin and 25 other ranks, represented the Regiment at the coronation of King George V. The detachment was among the troops lining the route to Westminster Abbey, opposite Aspley House. They also formed the street lining duty during Royal progress day when the King and Queen followed a longer route in an open carriage. Lt. G R Codrington was also present on special duties as an extra ADC.


Pictured here in 1908.

 Gazetted (London) 2nd Lieutenant on the 6th of February 1900, Captain on the 1st of April 1908 and Major on the 6th of August 1911.



SSM Parker

Farrier Sergeant Tom  Peberdy

Sexton Blacksmith of St. Jame's Church Normanton on Soar from 1899-1935.


Sgt. J Tyler

Sgt. J Roberts

Cpl. Collington

Cpl. W Moore

Cpl. Bennington

Tpr. Asher


Tpr. S Holt

living at Longcliffe Cottages, Nanpantan; widower; occupation Waterworks Labourer; born 10 Oct 1892. In 1918 Sydney Holt, Address Forest Road, 28884 Gnr, 2a, Res Bde, RFA. Sidney was gassed in the Great War but survived.


Tpr. Mitchell

Tpr. Smith


C Squadron in Loughborough around 1913. Possibly at the Bulls Head pub.


"C" Squadron men  at camp in Melton Mowbray, 1912. Tpr S Holt is third man from the left.


Unknown LY Sergeant group on annual camp c1911.


"With The Leicestershire Territorials At High Tor, Whitwick, August 1911." 

A photo published by Baxters of Hinckley. Posted in 1912.  The sender refers to the photo as being last years sports. The riders are seen to be wearing a basket weave protective covering on their heads. 


The Regiment on Church Parade, St Mary's in Melton Mowbray, on annual camp 1911.


An Officer and men in Church Parade order c1911.



Trooper W Cross

Part of the 1911 Coronation contingent.


2nd Lt. William Du Pre

He joined the Leicestershire Imperial Yeomanry as a Second Lieutenant in February 1904 (having served in other regiments as an officer during the 2nd Boer War)  and by August 1908 was a Major in the Leicestershire Battery, the Royal Horse Artillery and Military Member of the Leicestershire Territorial Force Association. By 1916 he was a Lieutenant Colonel RHA (TF Reserve) serving in the Middle East. Hart’s “Arm y List” for October1919 records him as retiring from the army at the end of the First World War to become a Lieutenant Colonel in the Imperial Yeomanry.

LYPAO NCOs in dress, 1910.

Squadron Sergeant-Major Charles Theobald Dickens



Cpl A Chamberlain, in drill order c1906.


Unknown LY Trooper, in drill order c1906.


D Squadron




Major Abbot Harold Robinson

(Gazetted (London), Major, on the 17th December 1912)

An auction in the USA in 1998:-  Together with a similar tunic, a dress tunic, a Colonel's dress tunic, Mess Kit, spurs, belts etc and a relic Shako, all contained in a black metal trunk, inscribed A.H. Robinson / Leicester Yeomanry Cavalry (qty).


Capt. Lord Aberdour

Capt. Earl Howe

Lt. J B Richardson

Lt. E Paget

Lt. H Atherton-Brown

SSM Freckingham


Farrier Sgt. C Hensman

Sgt. H Bosworth

Sgt. J Crane

Sgt. W E Glover

Sgt. G Pateman

Sgt. G Pickering

Cpl. Busby

Cpl. Lee

Cpl. Summers

Tpr. Clarke

Tpr. Thirlby

Tpr. Fawlke

Tpr. Freckingham

Tpr. Garner

Tpr. Higgs

Tpr. A Marriott

Tpr. H Marriott


32045 Tpr. John Voss

A Veteran of the 7th (1st/LY) Coy., 4th Bn. I.Y.

London Gazette, September 25th, 1908


Unidentified Trooper, circa 1906.