1992 B (Leicestershire and Derbyshire [PAO] Yeomanry) Squadron
, The Royal Yeomanry
at Leicester, conversion and transfer to RAC of B Coy 3 (v) WSFR.

B (LDY PAO) Company
3rd (Volunteer) Battalion
The Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment
Coy HQ Platoon
Sutton in Ashfield Ilkeston

1978 re-Badged,  B (LDY PAO) Coy, 3rd (V) The Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters.

Leicestershire & Derbyshire (P.A.O) Yeomanry Coy
1977: 'B' (Leicestershire and Derbyshire [PAO] Yeomanry) Company formed at Sutton-in-Ashfield and Ilkeston from the Derbyshire Detachment of The Leicestershire and Derbyshire (PAO) Yeomanry Squadron 7th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment. Officially formed by 1 April 1978.

Major C W Gardener OC LDY PAO Coy 7 (V) RAR:  dated 14th Feb 1977
Annex "A" to 135 dated 11th Feb 1977

 Section 4. "What's in it for the LDY?", Para' 2, Page 6
The Ilkeston Drill Hall will become an outstation, of Platoon strength, of a new Company to be formed in 3 WFR. The HQ of this new Company will be at Sutton-in-Ashfield (approx 15 miles North of Ilkeston) and the Company will be known as "B (Leicestershire and Derbyshire PAO Yeomanry) Company of 3 WFR."

 Section 7. Advantages and Disadvantages to "B" (LDY PAO) COY of 3 WFR., Page 8
Advantages Disadvantages
a) Representation at Company Strength of the LDY in Derbyshire. a) Home defence role only.
b) For the WFR - the Royal Anglian "foot" is removed from their natural recruiting area of Derbyshire. b) Camps only in the UK
c) For the Ilkeston based part of the new Company, the usual spirit of a detachment will remain. c) Less interesting equipment than the Royal Anglian LDY Company.
d) Company HQ is much nearer the detachment. d) Members of Ilkeston who may prefer the NATO role may be unable to easily get across to Loughborough.
  e) Those who may remain at Ilkeston will have a change of cap badge ................... again!

 Section 8. Opportunities with the Royal Anglian LDY Company, Para' 1, Page 11
At this early stage very little is known about the new 3 (WFR) LDY Company which makes it difficult to forecast opportunities for them. Naturally, by doubling the LDY establishment, there should be greater opportunities for promotion in "both" camps, and probably even greater opportunity in the 3 WFR Camp.

Footnote:- It appears that every effort was made to foster the LDY traditions within the B (LDY PAO) Coy 3 (v) WFR. Sadly on historical reflection, at Regimental level it would be fair to say, the LDY PAO traditions were firmly rejected and B Coy 3 (V) WFR only carried the LDY in name alone. A sad testament to the Derbyshire Yeomanry's continuity within the borders of Derbyshire. The Leicestershire LDY PAO Coy  7(V) RAR embraced the DY and still does today within the now "firmly" established B (LDY PAO) Sqn, The Royal Yeomanry.