B (LDY PAO) Sqn, The Royal Yeomanry

1992- onwards


1992 Re badged

Leicestershire & Derbyshire, Prince Albert's Own Yeomanry.


25th Feb 1992, LDY function was held at the Leicester Race course. C (LDY) Coy & B (LDY) Sqn in attendance.


1992 reformed RAC, B (Leicestershire & Derbyshire [P.A.O] Yeomanry) Sqn, The Royal Yeomanry forms under the "Options for change".  Sqn HQ,  Glen Parva, Leicester.


The Hon Col. Brigadier H W K Pye (457258)

Late of the 9th/12th Lancers, on the 1st of August 1992 becomes Honorary Colonel in a new appointment. Relinquishes the appointment of Honorary Colonel of B (Leicestershire & Derbyshire, Prince Albert's Own Yeomanry) Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry 23 May 2003 tenure expired.


LDY on Tour

LDY in training

LDY Land Rover Recce 1993-Present Day

LDY FOX ARV 1992-3

Camp 1993

The Hon Col. Brigadier H W K Pye of the 9th/12th Lancers joined us and also Major Luke Smith (in the Bowler hat on the right).


LDY PAO Sqn were given the honour of leading the Regiment onto the parade ground.


Back Row : Sgt Ben Bennett, Tpr R Leigh-Smith, Cpl Kiddel, LAD S/Sgt ?, PSI S/Sgt Simon Beasley, ?, ?, SSM F P Bacon (A Sqn, LDY PAO Regiment)

3rd Row: Tpr Nev Stanhope, Tpr Sampson, ?, Tpr Simon Hughes, Cpl "Stolly" Hampton, ?

2nd Row: Tpr "O'Bi" O'Brian, Tpr "Akky" Atkinson, ?, Tpr Bircher, Sgt Heggs

Front Row: Lt. "Windy" Miller, Lt V Morgan-Jones, OC Major Richard Lee, PSAO Capt. Geoff Bull, O/Cdt Griff M-J



OC Major. Richard Lee TD (1: 1992-5) 1


OC. Major. Johnny Fountain (17th/21st Lancers & SRY) 2

2IC Capt. S H Brooks-Ward 1

Capt. Cunnigham P.S.A.O. (13th/18th Royal Hussars) 1

Capt. G Bull P.S.A.O. (4th/7th Dragoon Guards) 2

Lt. Luka-Dhan (ex-QDG)

Lt. V W Morgan-Jones (ex-QDG)

C (LDY) Coy, R Ang.

Lt "Windy" Miller (ex 1RTR)

Lt J Mort

Lt. R Berkley (ex- 9/12L)

Today a Television & Stage Actor.


SSM. K Hayter

SSM K Hayter (ex-9/12L) 1

Staff S Beasley (9/12L)
PSI & SSM LDY (Retired)

Staff S A Clinton (KRH)

Sgt P Heggs (9/12l)
SQMS LDY (Retired)

Sgt. D Daymond (June 1992)
C (LDY) Coy, R Ang, B (LDY) Sqn SSM (Retired 2004)

Sgt D Burrows (QARANC)

C (LDY) Coy, R Ang 1988-94, 1994 B (LDY) Sqn


Sgt B Bennett

C (LDY) Coy, R Ang / Milan Platoon, B (LDY) Sqn SSgt (Retired 2004)


Sgt Nicholson

HQ Coy, R Ang, B (LDY) Sqn Sgt (Retired 2003)


Cpl. L Dale
C (LDY) Coy, R Ang 1988-94, 1994 B (LDY) Sqn SSM (Retired 2007)

Cpl. "Jack" Frost
(June 1992)

Tpr. S Hughes (June 1992)
HQ Coy, 7 R Ang

Cpl. Kiddell (June 1992)
ex-9/12L, B (LDY) Sqn RY Sergeant (Retired 2002?)

Cpl. "Stolly" Hampton

Tpr. G G Morgan-Jones (June 1992)
O/Cdt C (LDY) Coy, 7 R Ang 1990-92, B (LDY) Sqn RY L/Cpl & O/Cdt 1992-96

Tpr. "Akky" Atkinson (June 1992)
HQ Coy, 7 R Ang

Tpr. J De Bie
(1993)ex RAOC, B (LDY) Sqn RY Sergeant (Retired 2007)

Tpr. Meynell
Tpr. N O'Brian

LDY PAO in Hong Kong 1995 on the "Last British Border Patrol". 
Tpr. Lynn Knight, Cpl. Kiddell, Officer, Officer (Australian), Tpr. Chris Pick, Tpr Nev Stanhope.

Tpr. Lynn Knight
(1st female LDY)

Tpr.  C Pick
Tpr. Sampson
Tpr. N Stanhope
Tpr. J Burcher

Tpr. R Legh-Smith (1994)
O/Cdt 1995, B (LDY) Sqn 2ic today.

Royal review 17th April 1994 - Mounted Troop selection
A selection morning was held at HCMR on 13 Nov 1993 for the Mounted Troop for the Royal Review. The riding Master tested all present and pronounced himself satisfied that the following from the Royal Yeomanry may appear mounted on HCMR horses in public:

A Sqn : Captain Ashton-Johnston, Sgt Pulford.
B Sqn: O/Cdt G Morgan-Jones
C Sqn: Lt Gregory
HQ Sqn: SSgt Davidson

Cpl. Kiddell & Cpl. Jim Owen in ceremonial uniform representing the Squadron.