Leicestershire & Derbyshire
(Prince Albert's Own Yeomanry)
HQ & D Squadron A Squadron B Squadron C Squadron
Leicester  Ilkeston Derby  Melton Mowbray


Royal Armoured Corps


Bovington Camp 1968

The "Go it alone Camp".


Captain Burchnal, Major Bowlby, Major Wilson and men (with Centurion Tanks).

Saladin Armoured Car on the firing range.

Major Bill Wilson directing things on Centurion.


HQ Squadron

A Squadron

H.M The Queen's visit to Matlock in 1968.

B Squadron

C Squadron

OC Major Elton
2IC Captain Haywood
SSM Les Richardson
SSM Eric Scofield

An "O Group" at camp in 1968, Major Elton and Captain Haywood.

"Charnwood Troop", C Sqn Landrover at camp in 1968. This Landrover was bought as a wreck and made up to spec by the troops. Tpr P Waldron (Cpl medic LDY) Cpl C Garratt (Major 3WFR) Cpl B Percival (C/Sgt LDY Dec).

Conqueror Tank at Bovington Tank Museum, 1967.
Tpr Johnny Barrat on the tank, on the "Go it Alone" Camp at Stilton in Dorset.

D Squadron

OC Major Bill Wilson
Capt. B Burchnall
Lt N Wyldebore-Smith
SQMS Marsh
Sgt Bentley
Tpr Renou
Tpr Finch
Tpr Barratt

Topper Brown's farm at Flamborough Head, Bellerby Camp 1966.
Back Row (L-R): L/Cpl John Sills, Sgt Russ Lowe, Sgt Rex Webb, Tpr. Terry Bateman, SSM Roy Brooks.
Front Row (L-R): Cpl Dave College, Tpr Dolly Dumbrell, Sgt Bob Bentley, L/Cpl Brian Granger, S/Sgt Ken Marsh.

Mounted Troop

Escort to the Lord Mayor of Leicester 1967
Lt. Luke Smith, SSM Richardson, Sgt. Fendell, L/Cpl. Goodacre and Tpr. Brown

Lt. Luke Smith just steadying up before the start of the escort, note all ranks are wearing 9th/12th lancers overalls (cavalry of the line) due to "availability". The Cavalry blacks were on loan from the Remount Depot, RAVC, Melton Mowbray.

LDY Mounted Troop 1968-9
Cpl. John Sills on "Big George".

Jim Dobson with members of the Mounted Troop at Chiron Equitation School, Cold Overton, Leics.
SSM Les Richardson in the saddle, Jim Dobson, L/Cpl Goodacre, Sgt. M Fendell and SQMS K Marsh.

Cpl J Sills, Sgt Fendell, Sgt Ward and Tpr Renou.