Leicestershire & Derbyshire
(Prince Albert's Own Yeomanry)
Nomenclature as recorded by the War Office on amalgamation.
RHQ, HQ Squadron A Squadron B Squadron C Squadron
Leicester  Alfreton, Long Eaton Derby, Ashbourne  Melton, Loughborough

re badged: Prince Albert's crest on the Derbyshire Rose.

1957, Amalgamation. This was not the first occasion that both County Yeomanry regiments had merged, they had been together as the "6th Yeomanry Brigade" prior to 1900 so this new union was a continuation of that relationship.

The new Guidon was received by the Regiment on the 12th June 1958.


Sir Geoffrey Codrington, Hon. Colonel, takes the salute at a march-past of the Yeomanry's A Sqn led by Major M R Kimball, MP for Gainsborough.


Leicester Evening Mail, May 13th 1956.

Economy Move May Close Brentwood-Road Drill Hall

Leics, Derbys. Yeomanry to merge.

The Leicestershire Yeomanry (TA) is to be merged with the Derbyshire Yeomanry.

It is an economy move and the amalgamation will take place later this year.

The Leicestershire Yeomanry's four squadrons which embrace Rutland, will be cut to two and some of the Drill halls in Brentwood Road, Leicester, at Melton, Loughborough, Market Harborough and Burbage may close.

It has not yet been decided where the headquarters of the reorganised regiments will be - here or in Derbyshire.

The Leicestershire Yeomanry formed 152 years ago, has just returned from camp at Tilshead, Salisbury Plain, where a farewell parade was held.


Took Salute

Col. Sir Geoffrey Codrington, Hon. Colonel of the Regiment took the salute and read a message from the Duke of Edinburgh, who three years ago was appointed the senior hon colonel of the Yeomanry.

The Duke's message read:-


"I have followed with close interest the reorganisation of the reserve army and I am naturally very sad at the way it affects the Leicestershire Yeomanry.

Nobody likes changes but, unfortunately, methods of warfare, particularly in this age, are constantly changing and all the services must continually adapt themselves to those changes.

The Regiment has been selected in partnership with the Derbyshire Yeomanry, to form a new Reconnaissance Regiment."


"Old Friends"

"The Derbyshire Yeomanry are old friends, associated in South Africa, and neighbours with a magnificent war record.

I am quite sure that the new partnership will produce a regiment worthy of the best traditions of both Regiments and of the Reserve Army."


The Duke paid a tribute to the officers and NCOs and men of the Leicestershire Yeomanry who had served it since it was formed.


"Our best memorial to them,"


His message declared,


"is to keep alive their spirit of service."


Sir Geoffrey Codrington said that modern tactical requirements forced a reorganisation of the Reserve Army.

It was, he thought, a privilege to produce a combined Regiment with the Derbyshire yeomanry - the oldest Armoured Car Regiment , and the first into "Tunis" during the War.

This, he went on, was the end of a chapter, and the start of a new one, in the Leicestershire Yeomanry's history.

An old Regiment of Hussars and one of the last Cavalry units to be mechanised, it was originally known as the Loyal Leicestershire Corps of Yeomanry Cavalry.

Royal Armoured Corps

A Vauxhaull Velox from the 1960's and built from a Somerville Model kit (No.1).

Ferret Scout Car Mk2

Ferret Scout Car Mk1

A Sqn LDY PAO Vehicle markings on the Ferret Scout Cars (post 1963).

The Ferret armoured car, also commonly called the Ferret Scout car, is an  armoured fighting vehicle designed and built for reconnaissance purposes. The Ferret was produced between 1952 and 1971 by the UK company, Daimler. It was widely adopted by regiments in the British Army as well as Commonwealth countries throughout the period.

The Ferret shared many similar design features with the Dingo, but featured a larger fighting compartment and an optional small machine gun turret. It was built from an all-welded monocoque steel body, making the drive extremely noisy as all the running gear was within the enclosed body with the crew. Four wheel drive was incorporated together with "Run Flat" tyres. The turret, though not fitted to all models, carried a single machine gun. Six grenade launchers fitted to the hull (three on each side) could carry smoke grenades in British service.

It is fast and small enough to be used in an urban environment but strong enough to negotiate rugged terrain off road. The Ferret is no longer in service in the British Army, although several Commonwealth countries still operate them to this day.

Daimler Mk2 Armoured car was carried over into the LDY PAO Regiment from the DY, this was phased out with the introduction of the Ferret Scout Car.

Dingo Scout Car was phased out with the introduction for the Ferret Scout Car.

HQ Sqn LDY PAO vehicle markings on Daimler MK2 and Dingo Scout Car (pre 1963).

Honorary Colonels & VIPs

Colonel. Sir Geoffrey Codrington, KCVO, CB, CMG, DSO, OBE, TD

LY PAO Commanding Officer 1922-29, OC A Sqn on the 12th-14th May 1915.

Pictured here at Blackfell Camp, Durham 1966.

Lt. Col. Sir Ian Walker-Okeover, Bt., DSO, TD.
Lord Leiutenant of Derbyshire and Honorary Colonel c1962. Gazetted (London), 18th May 1962, Lt. Col. Sir Ian Walker-Okeover, Bt., DSO, TD, relinquishes the appointment of Hon.Col. on the 13th May 1962, tenure expired, retaining the rank of Colonel and his appointment as Colonel Commandant Yeomanry, R.A.C., T.A.

Lt.Col. Lord Brassey, MC, TD, DL.
Gazetted (London), 18th May 1962, is appointed Hon.Col. on the 13th May 1962.

Lt.Col Sir John Crompton-Inglefield, TD, DL.
Gazetted (London), 1st April 1969, Lt.Col. (Bt. Col.) Sir John Crompton-Inglefield, TD, DL, The Leicestershire & Derbyshire (Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry (T).


Frezenberg memorial, 1966.

Lt.Col. M C Bagshawe
OC 1965-68
He was a Land Agent at Samdom, Stafford. He was educated at Stowe and joined the 10th Royal Hussars in 1947, serving in B.A.O.R. In 1958 he finished full time service joining the Derbyshire Yeomanry. When the Derbyshire Yeomanry was amalgamated with the Leicestershire yeomanry in 1956 he commanded the Derby Squadron subsequently being promoted second in command of the regiment.

Lord Brassey taking the salute, Lt.Col M C Bagshawe leading with 2IC Major The Hon R Elton and the Regiment following at Brecon Camp 1965.

Lt. Col. Bagshawe inspecting the Regimental Silver (and LY Guard).

Lt. Col. A P Ridley-Thompson TD DL
OC 1963-65
Former "Rough Riders, ICCY" Squadron leader and then C Squadron (Loughborough) OC on moving to Leicestershire.

Lt.Col. Ridley-Thompson talking to the "Silver Guard" at a Regimental function at the Grand Hotel in Leicester in 1964.

Regimental parade at Bellerby Camp in 1964, Hon. Col. Lord Brassey  (standing on a B Sqn Ferret) takes the salute from Lt. Col Ridley-Thompson the commanding officer.

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Lt Col. P V Radford

OC 1960-63

Patrick Vaughan Radford was born in Nottingham in 1920. Educated in Oundle, he joined the family firm Stag Furniture as a cabinet maker, before enlisting in the Royal Armoured Corps in 1941. After attending Sandhurst he was commissioned, and from 1942 to 1946 served in the Derbyshire Yeomanry in North Africa, Italy and Austria. He was awarded an MC in Italy in 1944 for bravery in the North African and Italian campaigns.

After the war, Mr. Radford re-joined Stag Furniture as general manager and was made director in 1950. He served with the firm for 53 years and, as joint managing director, chairman and finally president, oversaw its growth to become one of the largest cabinet makers of bedroom and dining room furniture in Europe. Stag Furniture became a publicly owned company in 1976.
Having stood as the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Stockton-on-Tees in 1966 and 1970, he continued to work for the Conservative Party for many years. He was appointed CBE in 1983 and became a Deputy Lieutenant for Nottinghamshire in 1987.

Both Patrick and his wife Evelyn Wilkinson, whom he married in 1956, were fascinated by antiques and design and over the course of their lives together at Langford Hall, collected a variety of items that filled the Georgian house and family home. The couple opened one of the outbuildings on the estate as an antiques centre for a brief period, though were known to always keep their best finds.


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Lt.Col. A Murray-Smith


First Officer Commanding of the LDY, High Sheriff of Leicestershire and Master of the Quorn Hunt.


Capt. P T S Bowlby (411701)

Gazetted (London), 18th May 1962, is granted the acting rank of Major on the 7th of January 1962.


Lt. G R C M Spencer (418735)

Gazetted (London), 18th May 1962, to be Captain from the 7th of January 1962.


Lt. J J Inglesant (423499)

Gazetted (London), 18th May 1962, to be Captain from the 7th of January 1962.


Officers at Durham Camp 1966

Col. P V Radford, Col. Sir. G Codrington, Col. M C Bagshaw, Lord Brassey, Sir J Crompton-Inglefield, Col. A Ridley-Thompson.


Camp 1966
Orderly Officer Lt. D Watkins, Hon.Col. Lord Brassey and Lt.Col. Bagshawe inspecting the Guard.

LDY Officers at Brecon Camp 1965.

LDY Officers Mess at Brecon Camp 1965.

SQMS Richardson, Lt. Bouskell, Captain Wilson, Major Storey and SSM Brooks at Brecon camp 1965.

LDY Guidon party 1965
 9th/12th Warrant Officer in the rear.

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh inspecting a Troop of the LDY c1960 with the Honorary Colonel Sir Geoffrey Codrington, note the collars badges alternate by Leicestershire and then Derbyshire Yeomanry per man.


Bellingham, Henry A. (Lieut.),

d. 3 Jun 1959, s/o Lieu. Col. Arthur (R.A.F). & Jean, Leicestershire & Derbyshire (Prince Albert's Own Yeomanry), accidentally killed on army manoeuvres. Having survived the war as a merchant sailor he and his driver Tpr Farringdon were killed when their Daimler Scout Car overturned whilst at camp in 1959.


RSM Scrivener (9th/12thL)

LDY RSM c1963


RQMS Smith



Bandmaster Roy Stent

Formerly the Band Sergeant Major in the 9th/12th Lancers. He wrote the regimental march for the LDY.


12th Lancers and LY Adjutant 1956-8.


RSM W Frape

RSM Frape was also a 9th/12th Lancer


HQ Squadron

OC Major Storey
Major Ferguson (9th/12thL)
Major Hoskins (RAMC)
Padre Prytherch
Capt Arkwright (9th/12thL)
Capt. Wilson
Lt Inglesant
Lt Bouskell
SSM Brooks
SQMS L Richardson

22241347 Sgt. J R EDEN
His medals from an online sale. They were addressed to the LDY HQ.

Sgt Marsh
Sgt Potter
Sgt Walker (REME)
Cpl Bliss
L/Cpl Sinclair
Tpr Walker

Tpr. Dave Finch dispersing beer to HQ Squadron, 1966.

Feldon, 1966.
Back Row: "Gungy" Sharpe, ?,? Front Row: Terry Coles, John Sills, ?.

Derrin Lines, Brecon, 1963.
HQ Sqn mounting the Guard : SSM Roy Brooks, Sgt Tom Winfield, Cpl. Dave College, Tpr. Groombridge, ?, Tpr. Nobby Raynor, Tpr. Harris, ?, Tpr. Reg Deacon, ?

HQ Sqn, Leicestershire & Derbyshire (P.A.O.Yeomanry) on Parade c1960's. You can clearly see the TAC signs on the Dingo SC.

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HQ Squadron on parade in "The Newarke" in Leicester c1960, the Leicestershire Yeomanry collar badge is worn with the LDY cap badge.

A Squadron

OC Major R B Robinson
OC Major  T M Baring
Capt. Akroyd
Capt. Heelis
Lt R Hoffen
SSM Ward
SSM F P Bacon

Lt. Roger's Troop and Ferret Scout Car, A Sqn at Blackfell Camp in 1966.

A Sqn Ferret at scrub down, Blackfell Camp 1966.

A Sqn Ferret being signed off by the LAD SSM at Blackfell Camp 1966.

A Sqn Recruiting team 1965.

B Squadron

OC Major Bill Rice TD
Capt. Gather
Capt. Rowbottom
Lt. Kelly

B Squadron LDY  commanded by Major Bill Rice and the salute taken by Deputy Honorary Colonel J F Crompton-Inglefield, Brecon, Wales,1963.

C Squadron

OC Major The Hon R Elton
OC Major P Bowlby
SQMS Bonner
Tpr. Garratt

C Squadron LDY  commanded by Captain Simon Everard  and being inspected by Deputy Honorary Colonel J F Crompton-Inglefield, Brecon, Wales,1963.

C Sqn, Leicestershire & Derbyshire (P.A.O.Yeomanry) on Parade c1960's

Mounted Troop

LDY Mounted Troop 1968-9
Cpl. John Sills on "Big George".

The Mounted Troop
by Cpl John Sills

Sometime in the 1960's, the Lord Major of Leicester decided to have a Lord mayors parade. All TA units in the county took part. LDY formed a mounted escort with either two Officers (Major Elton? and Lt. Birchnall) in full dress LY. A section of other ranks (4) rode in Hussar tunics (full dress) and yellow striped overalls. The Hussars tunics were not LY and had probably been in store since 1958 (the 50th Anniversary of the TA) when they were used in a Tattoo at the "Dog & Speedway Stadium". The Yeomanry performed dismounted sword drill with RSM George Day ex 12 Lancers mounted.

For the Lord Mayors Parade the LDY obviously used the RAVC at Melton Mowbray for Training.

Futher Lord Mayors parades were undertaken, this time in Blues Jackets and incorrect yellow striped overalls. This was carried out by "C" Squadron (Major Elton).

In 1967, when the defence cuts cut our vehicles, training time and gave an internal security role. Sgt Bob Bentley, "D" Squadron, asked around the lads if they would like to do Gliding or Riding (to help keep the Squadron together). We chose riding and it just happened that Jim Dobson (said to be the best equitation instructor at the Vet Camp) had just retired and started the "centaur School of Equitation and Cold Newton. Bob arranged that he give us Military riding instruction and we bought our own riding boots, hats, breeches and paid for our lessons on Friday nights. The D Squadron Troop consisted of:-

Sgt Bob Bentley
Sgt Ken marsh
Cpl John Sills
L/Cpl "Gungy" Sharp
L/Cpl Len Fowkes
L/Cpl Peter Bateman
Trooper Peter Renou

C Squadron continued to train at the vet camp until the "civvie" staff complained that they were losing overtime. C Sqn then joined Jim Dobson's school. Training consisted of riding instruction, circles, inclines, figures of eights, trots, canters and charges. We also jumped (with & without stirrups), the jumps were up to five feet high. We also rode uphill and downhill over his cross country course. We rode out in the country and galloped uphill in Lowesby Park and Quenby (Quorn Country). Most of the horses were hunters and we had about six weeks when hunting was cancelled due to foot and mouth and the the snow. When we rode in the school with "corned up" hunters..... they were quite frisky!

It was decided that the LDY Mounted Troop (15) would do some tent pegging for the City of Leicester show on Abbey Park. The opposition was the city of Birmingham (Mounted) Police, and the Corps of Royal Military Police, both very used to taking part in such events. The yeomanry riders were :-

SSM Les Richardson
Sgt Mick Fendell
Sgt Buzz Goodacre
Tpr Pete Renou

We lost, but Pete Renou got one "strike and carry". I cant remember what the others got.

I took part in one Lord Mayors Parade, riding "Nimrod". Nimrod was a Household Cavalry horse that had runaway down the Mall! The escort wore Blues and consisted of SSM Les Richardson, Sgt Fendell, Sgt Tom Wallace and myself. In the 1970's another Escort was formed and training for this took place at the Vet Camp in Melton Mowbray (Now the "Animal Defence centre" based on the old Remount Lines). One week under S/Sgt  Ben Jones (the Olympic Team) and another instructor. Captain Luke Smith, L/C Des Goodrich and three others were the Escort. Luke Smith wanted me to ride, but I had to get the Regimental silver and Signals Kit to Camp ( I did both jobs of Silverman and Sqn Sig' Cpl).

The Mounted Troop men:-
Major The Hon Rodney Elton
Capt. Benny Birchnall
Capt. Luke Smith
SSM Les Richardson
S/Sgt Ken Marsh
Sgt Buzz Goodacre
Sgt Tom Wallace
Sgt Sid Ward
Sgt Mick Fendell
Cpl John Sills
L/Cpl Len Fowkes
L/Cpl Peter Bateman
Tpr "Gungy" Sharpe
Tpr Peter Renou

There have been others and the names will come to me as soon as I dig out more photographs.