Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry Officer

Officer group c1895.
Major Harrison on the front row second from left is wearing a Dragoon pleated patrol jacket of the period. Major Harrison was a 1st Dragoon prior to joining the Yeomanry and therefore used his old Patrol jacket.  The rest of the officer group wear the standard patrol jacket with undress white patent leather  cross belts. The Sabretache would be plain black and the sword slings are sliver lace on red morocco leather. The shoulder chains (detachable) are sewn onto red barathea and are buttoned at the top of the shoulder, the jacket shoulder strap would slide through a loop fixed to the reverse of the chains and the chains then fixed in place by hook clips sewn to the jacket. The rank fixing would be nut and bolt type and the shoulder button would be a screw in type.

A rare image of a Senior NCO in PAOLYC Undress Patrol Order, dated 1896.

A Trooper of the PAOLYC in patrol dress, 1895.

Officers Field Service Dress as seen in photo of Aston Camp 1890 (on review by the Brigade Colonel), also showing the horse throat plume.

(left)A Lieutenant of the late 1800's, this officers busby lines are hooked up to the left chest. Also note his overalls are lined with leather for mounted order, also note that there are no shoulder cords indicating c1870-85. (Right) A 2nd Lieutenant at annual camp in 1895 with shoulder cords and pips.

The following is a description of uniform I collected in 1991:
This information is based on a photograph of Captain Edward Finch (c.1873) late 6th Dragoons, an officer with  the Crimean Campaign Service.

Headdress: Black Sable busby, approximately 9 inches deep at the front and 10 inches at rear with a scarlet bag, let 1 1/2 inches into the top, silver interlocking chin chain; the cap lines are three in number around the body and of silver cord; the plume is white out of scarlet Egret, with silver ring and socket.

Uniform: A blue cloth shell jacket edged around the bottom, front leading edge and collar in silver lace, and silver cord forming a figure of eight, 2 1/2 inches deep at the base of each back seam, was worn. A scarlet collar edged at the bottom in silver cord, had the rank insignia embroidered in gold at each front side; approximately 17 loops of silver braid across the chest, fastened with silver ball buttons, four half silver ball buttons on each row, at the top of the tunic on each collar bone was an Austrian knot and curl. Silver cord piped back seams with a crow's foot at the top of each seam and an Austrian knot and curl at each waist. The scarlet cuffs were heavily decorated with silver cord and figure braiding, denoting the rank.
Trousers:  Dark blue loose fitting overalls with double red stripes (and at this period black leathered) were worn; black boots steel spurs and white cotton gloves.

Accoutrements: A silver lace pouch belt approximately 2 inches wide and lined with a blue morocco leather and with a light/dark blue silk in the centre; sliver prickers and chain, buckle, slide and tip. (** This is possibly the cross belt of the 6th Dragoons of the period). Then suspended a silver pouch bearing the "L.Y.C" cypher in gilt surmounted by a silk crown, with a scroll of gilt below impressed, "Prince Albert's Own". Sword slings were silver lace as were the Sabretache slings. The Sabretache was black leather faced blue with silver plated "L.Y.C" cypher with crown above, scroll inscribed "Prince Albert's Own" and edged all around with lines of silver cord about two inches apart and vandyke pattern lace running between.

1844-70 Undress pattern.

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Weapon: From the photograph the sword appears to be the 1822 pattern light cavalry sword with the three-bar hilt in steel, with silver sword knot.

1822 Pattern light Cavalry Sabre

Left is the LYC "C" Squadron senior officer in 1899 (Captain Everard De Lisle), notice the high level of detail in the lace work on the cuffs & collar, this represents an "Hussar" Captain, on his left is an LYC subaltern.

Yeomanry School of Instruction, Aldershot, 1896.

PAOLYC Trooper c1890

The Leicester Yeomanry (P.A.O) on parade in Victoria Park in Leicester 1890. Here the regiment is seen in patrol dress.  The officers appear to be wearing the Hussar pattern patrol jacket, this would have 7 large rows of braid band and flap on the front (see blues dress). Senior NCO's wore the same jacket but with 5 rows of braid and other ranks wore a stable jacket with red pointed cuffs and stand collar with twisted lace shoulder cords. In 1893, after new work on Victoria Park, the area was considered too small for the Leicestershire Yeomanry to drill on.

This is a painting of an LYC Captain in full dress c1880, the cross belt is a Light Dragoon pattern.

Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry Other Ranks

List of Clothing Issued to Yeoman 1899
1 Busby, 1 bag, 1 plume, ring and socket
1 Set line, 1 circle
1 Forage cap
1 Dress jacket
1 Serge
1 Pair Pants (new), 1pair part won, if any in store
1 Pair gloves, brown dog-skin, paid for by members
1 pair jack boots, half price paid by yeoman, viz: 15/6
1 Pair spurs
1 Pair straps
1 Button stick
1 Cape

LYC NCO 1899, note the "Hanoverian" Crown also used in the Victorian period by Prince Albert (also seen on the LYC buttons). The outer rows of buttons also appear to be large ball pattern like the centre row. There also appear to be two small ball buttons on the back of the cuff.

Note the "Pill Box" forage hat changes with rank. Rank insignia is taken from a photo of C Squadron 1899.

LYC Troop Sergeant c1890, in full dress. The blue would be "Army Blue" almost black in colour.

Two mounted Leicestershire Yeoman in front of Oakham
Castle, Rutland c1890-05

LYC Trooper c1887, note the platted Busby cord.

LYC c1885
Corporals of Horse

Troopers. Cuffling (Brothers), Mountsorrel, Leics. LYC 1870.

LYC Trooper c1870

LYC Trooper c1870, showing long boots and riding breeches. The Busby is the "taller" early 1800's version and would look a mid brown in colour.


Officers Jacket

Trooper Crowdell PAOLYC
Pictured circa 1868-70
(Photo: Laura Barker)

Cornet Edward Hartopp PAOLYC, late of the 10th Hussars, pictured circa 1868-70 and an un-named Trooper of the LYC pictured between 1858-68.

This is a painted photograph of an LYC Officer group in 1868 (Dress).

PAOLYC Officers c1861 in undress, note the "black" cross belts.

The seated Officer with helmet is in Dress Uniform.