Uniform WW1

LY Trooper c1916

Other Ranks Mounted Pattern Greatcoat
The coat was from khaki wool and double breasted for warmth, but was only knee length. The reduced length also removed the necessity for troops to lift the bottom of the greatcoat with hooks to prevent it from getting excessively muddy or wet. The front was secured by 4 large British General-Service brass buttons on each side. Under the collar, there is a flap to enable the wearer to close the collar in the up-position during inclement weather.

The Other Ranks mounted pattern greatcoat is in many respects, very similar to the officer's privately purchased "Trench Warm" and was almost certainly influenced by the officer's overcoat.

Unlike the Other Ranks dismounted Troops greatcoat, there was no rear box pleat or rear belt with buttons.

An extremely rare photograph of B Squadron LY in Flanders 1915 in patrol order.

Un-identified LY Officer c1914

Swords were taken to Flanders by the Regiment but they were never used in action.

The Colonels actual Identification Disc from the battlefield.

WW1 Identity Disc (spare) Lt. Col. P C Evans-Freke,
Commandant LY (PAO).

Officer's "Trench Warm"
The officers overcoat was commonly referred to as a "Trench Warm", or as just a "Warm". The British Trench Warm was made from wool and double breasted for warmth, but was only knee length. The colour was typically much lighter than the issued OR's greatcoat. This 1916 dated example of a Trench Warm is knee-length and double breasted with brass Captain's pips on the shoulder straps. The front is secured with leather covered wooden buttons.

LY Trooper 1914, taken in Aldershot.
Hand written note on the back of postcard:
"Would-be Officer"

LY Trooper 1914, note the cap badge is the "LIY" type with the "I" removed. The badge also appears to be an old collar badge due to its size.

LY Troopers in Aldershot 1914 LY Sgt 1914

Lt. Eddie de Lisle, LY c1914 (b.1894 d.1957)

Un-identified B Sqn Trumpeter at Diss October 1914.

An LY Trooper in Drill Order c1914.