Mess Dress
B (LDY PAO) Sqn RY, Officers

B (LDY PAO) Squadron of the Royal Yeomanry have chosen to differ from the original LDY PAO Regimental pattern. The new pattern has taken the Leicestershire (PAO) Yeomanry "Other Ranks" rear jacket Hussar Dolman pattern, added an Austrian knot to the bottom corner of the front of the jacket and removed the drop studs from the front edge of the jacket. The shoulder cords are correct and being made of silver "Chain Gimp" sewn side to side and into shoulder seam then looped over button . The side pattern has also been removed. (See Original LDY PAO  Mess kit below)
The waistcoat has also changed, having the pocket lace removed and the removal of the crows foot knot on the bottom corners.

The silver lace used on the officers pattern is "Silver Russia" for the detail and "French Check" for the main block.

LDY PAO Regiment, Officers

The above pattern has been confirmed by looking at photographs of senior LDY PAO officer mess kits from the regimental period 1957-67, this pattern is identical to the post Great War mess kit worn by the Derbyshire Yeomanry with the difference of "Silver" instead of gold braid and lace. .

The original DY Mess kit is being worn in the pictures above, the only difference is the lace is gold.

LDY Mess kit.
(Lt. Col. Bagshawe 1966)

*** Officer Cadets wear LDY blues with RMAS white collar tabs at Mess functions with other ranks accoutrements.


In 1993 the mess kit for the LDY Other Ranks changed to emulate that of the 9th/12th Lancers (promoted by a 9th/12th Lancer PSI at the time), breaking away from traditional LDY regimental pattern. The rear jacket detail has the "Lancer" red piping through the back seams and following the arm to the cuff. Due to the lack of other ranks stay bright collar badges, the Officer pattern LDY embroidered badge is worn on the "black silk" rolled lapels in some cases. The trefoil at the cuff apex is in keeping with the Leicestershire Yeomanry c1860's. The silver shoulder cords are the thicker "officer" general service pattern instead of the single twist silver cord. In its favour, the mess jacket does "resemble" the LYC officers "Light Dragoon" stable jacket of the late 1860s (see the bottom of this page).

Original OR LDY Mess kit  seen here c1995.

Jacket & waistcaot buttons

1984, LDYPAO Corporals Mess Dinner held at the Melton Mowbray Drill Hall.

The Original LDY PAO Other Ranks mess kit was based on the LY PAO Officer pattern introduced in 1906.  Army blue with rolled scarlet collar and scarlet pointed cuffs. The shoulder cords were of single twist silver "chain gimp" cord sewn into the shoulder seam with a small LDY button to attach. A plain scarlet waistcoat with 4 small LDY buttons. LDY PAO staybright collar badges 2/3rds of the way up the rolled scarlet lapels. A Trooper's shoulder cords would be of plain red single twist cord.

Correct O/R Shoulder cords.

Below is a modern "Cavalry Cut" representation of the LDY Other ranks mess kit.

(Modern Style)
From Trooper to Senior NCO

Silver Russia" braid. Note the crows foot on the collar is opposite to officers (as on LY O/R Dolman Jacket). No stand collar on the waistcoat, braiding or drop studs. The cuff has a smaller Austrian knot compared to the officers, otherwise is the same. Single twist Silver shoulder cords looped over LDY button, (Blues or Evening Dress as alternative).

Collarless white Poplin tunic shirt, worn with the above. Can be worn with all stiff collars. Double cuffs. Curved shirt tails.
LY Officers 1906
LY PAO RSO c1928: When wearing mess kit, the Orderly officer will wear a sword in the plated scabbard, with full dress sword slings, and with webbing sword belt under the waistcoat.

A plain pattern mess kit came into service around 1906. The collar badge was a silver ducal crest of Saxony. Rank badges silver embroidered, 5/8 inch. The overalls had double 0.75 Inch scarlet stripes. Some officers used this mess kit but many retained the older style. The initial kit might have started out with plain blue shoulder flaps and then had an addition of silver chain gimp shoulder cords.

LYC Officers c1873 onwards
LYC Hussars
The regiment's old pattern of mess kit had only undergone minor changes since the 1840's. It comprised of an army blue jacket with scarlet collar and pointed cuffs edged all around in silver Denmark lace, was traced all around with silver Russia braid . Mess overalls were blue with double 1 inch stripes of silver Denmark lace and from 1865 a blue pillbox (see Headdress) forage cap was worn with the mess dress.

Mess kit that belonged to Captain Frank Chaplin.
A rare example of dark blue melton cloth, edged with silver lace and to the front silver seed buttons. Scarlet facings to the collar and cuffs. The shoulders with silver bullion loop cords and Regimental buttons. Quilted silk lining.

Rear jacket detail and waistcoat detail.

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A cleaner example of jacket and waistcoat.

Lace Used: Denmark Lace (Jacket & Waistcoat), Chain Gimp (Jacket neck line), Russia Braid (Jacket & Waistcoat) & Round back Cord (Shoulder cords). Lace usage varied according to tailor but main lace pattern like Denmark and Russia did not.

Mess overalls: Blue,  with double1inch stripes of silver lace Denmark lace.

Accoutrements:  Blue & silver lace pillbox forage cap or Blue and silver welted "Torin" Cap with scarlet between the crown seams or the Scarlet and silver welted folding forage cap or Scarlet and peaked dress cap. A swagger cane/stick and gloves would be carried.

LYC Officers c1860-70
LYC Light Dragoon

The Stable Jacket: Blue with pointed scarlet cuff and collar and single twist silver shoulder chords, all edged in silver Russia braid, the neck line being silver chain gimp. A pointed scarlet cuff coming to a simple Austrian knot. The jacket has eye and hook clasps and the "drop" studs line the front edge to cover. The back seams of the jacket are piped scarlet from the centre seams of the lower back to the back of the sleeve cuff. The lower back point has the loop and trefoil found on the later Hussar jacket. Two silver LYC buttons at the back of the cuff.
** Note: A black leather cross belt would have been worn with this jacket as duty officer.