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6th Cav Bde HQ: 11th - 14th May 1915

Brigadier General D "Soarer" Campbell

On the 24th August 1914 the regiment (9th Lancers) along with a squadron of the 4th Dragoons made a costly charge at Elouges against six battalions of German Infantry and six batteries of guns. It would cost the regiment over 250 men and 300 mounts. Apparently Campbell had been against the charge having realised that they may have been better used dismounted. A role practised by British cavalry and enforced since the Boer war by the rise in marksmanship of Cavalrymen. This action was followed by another charge by the 9th Lancers at Moncel on 7th September with Campbell in the forefront, perhaps too far forward as his horse aptly named ‘Crasher’ and its rider hit the German 1st Guard Dragoons. Faced by a wall of lances Campbell well ahead of the rest of the regiment managed to survive but only after gaining two more wounds. Once again Campbell’s luck held, with the first wound from a lance in the arm and the second a gunshot to his leg catapulting him off his horse the rest of the regiment then rode over him!

9th Lancers at Le Cat

In November 1914, with the attrition on officers and the BEF Campbell said farewell to his regiment after he and his men had helped to defend the hotly contested Messines on 31st October. He was on his way to command of the 6th Cavalry brigade. This was not to bring a respite for his weary body. During the battle of 2nd Ypres the brigade was involved in the battle of Frezenburg Ridge and he was once again wounded.

War Diary
Intelligence Summary

Hour, date, Place Summery of Events and Information Remarks and references to Appendices
May 11th The Brigade remained in huts, a Staff Officer and an Officer per Squadron proceeded to HQ 80th Inf Bde just outside YPRES - MENIN road and then went forward to line of trenches between HOOGE and railway N of BELLEWAARDE FARM to reconnoitre them with a view to taking over.  
May 12th
8:00 pm
The Bde moved on foot through YPRES to railway crossing in I.11.b and took over the line of trenches from N end of BELLEWAARDE FARM to railway line I.6.c inclusive.
On right the North Somerset yeomanry with 300 rifles, occupied the line as far as the front of BELLEWAARDE FARM, the 3rd Dragoon Guards ***** it to the left with 311 rifles. The Royals  were in support in dug outs behind "Railway Wood" in I.11.b. Bde HQ at the same place.
Strength Officers Rifles  MG & HQ 
3rd Dragoon Guards 14 311 23
The Royals 14 230 24
N Somerset Yeo 16 300 20
BDE HQ Dug Out 5   12 Total
Totals 49 841 79 920
1:00 am
Railway Crossing in
Message received from 3rd Cav Div that G.O.C V Corps wished it to be clearly understood that the line now held by 1st and 3rd Cav Div's must be maintained, that in the case of the enemy making a lodgement anywhere in the line a counter-attack must at once so as to keep the line intact.  
2:00 am Relief completed.  
4:00 am A very heavy bombardment started.  
4:15 am 80th Bde informed by telephone and artillery support asked for. 99th Battery also informed by telephone.  
4:45 am All telephone communications cut off, except to 99th Battery and no possibility of communications with 3rd Cav Div.  
5:00 am Message *********** then for despatch to 3rd Cav Div but it could not be got through. CH.30
5:15 to 5:45 am Bombardment ceased and a certain amount of rifle fire was heard after which the bombardment re-commenced.  
7:00 am A verbal report was received from O/C 3rd Dragoon Guards that his line had been broken and that Germans were coming through. Upon this information, G.O.C ordered the Royals to be ready to move forward to re-establish the line, and despatched a Staff Officer to inform 80th Inf Bde and 3rd Cav Div of intention. At the same time the Leicestershire Yeomanry, who were occupying trenches in ******* of left of 6th Cav Bde were seen retiring. **** Lt. Col. P C Evans-Freke LY (PAO) is killed about 6:15 am. Wounded and displaced seen retiring along railway.
7:15 am G.O.C. ordered The Royals to push two Troops forward towards high ground between "Railway Wood" and advanced line with a view to using a pivot of manoeuvre - Remainder of the Royals took up a covering position with two Troops detached to watch right flank. All these movements tool place under a terrific fire. **** Leics Yeo B&C Squadrons remnants fighting hard on front line.
8:00 am Report received from left of 3rd Dragoon Guards that attack by German infantry had been repulsed, but that casualties had been severe. **** Lt. Grenfell 1st (Royal) Dragoons message to A Sqn LY "Hold on at all costs" from 6th CB.
8:15 am Message to 3rd Cav Div that 6th Cav Bde holding original Line. {CH.31}
  That Leicestershire Yeomanry had vacated their trenches and asking that these should be retaken, casualties had been heavy, but attack had been repulsed for the present. Communications very difficult and re-enforcements required. This message never reached 3rd Cav Div and message was later repeated at 11 am. ****  Remnants of Leics Yeo B&C Sqns are now in 3rd DG's trench.
8:35 am Report from N. Somerset Yeo that after very heavy shelling, Infantry delivered attack along whole front of NSY in considerable strength, but that it was completely repulsed, also that the trenches occupied by 2 centre Troops of right squadron had been practically destroyed; Also that in the event of another attack O/C 3rd K.R.R. had arranged to carry out an immediate counter-attack.  
9:30 am Message to 3rd Cav Div. CH.32
10:30 am Message received from 3rd Cav Div (Despatched at 7:30 am) asking for report. Message from 3CD
11:00 am Bombardment which had continued without cessation, became less, and rifle fire opened again.  
  Message to 3rd Cav Div. CH.33
12 Noon Artillery along railway informed that enemy was collecting in farm I.5.d.8.9 and asking if observation officer could be sent to Bde HQ.
Note: In passing **** Batt between 7:00 and 7:15 am Staff Officer requested Battery commanders to fire as much as he could on "Dead Mans Bottom Wood" which was done with great effect.
12:30 pm Further message sent to artillery that Germans were collecting on farm I.5.d.8.9. also between farm and railway in I.6.b and that they appeared to be working along about 100 yards to west of wood under cover  ********* *********** *********** Farm I.6.a and I.5.b. **** Leics Yeo forward trenches and "Oskar Farm"
12:54 pm Orders re counter attack received. G.54.M
1:10 pm Royal Horse Guards arrived and O/C reconnoitred ground and consulted with G.O.C as to direction of his counter-attack.  
1:20 pm Received orders from 3rd Cav Div. Royal sent to re-enforce NSY G.57.M and G.58.M
1:30 pm Situation explained to G.S.O. 3 3rd Cav Div 1 C/O Royal Irish Fusiliers arrived and 2 platoons moved forward to re-enforce 3rd Dragoon Guards.  
2:00 pm Our Artillery opened a ***** fire.  
2:30 pm Counter attack by Royal Horse Guards commenced.  
4:15 pm Message to 3rd Cav Div. CH.37
4:25 pm Message from NSY that re-enforcements of Royals and Royal Irish fusiliers had arrived and that O/C 2 Platoons wished his other 2 platoons to be sent up to him. This was done at once and O/C Royal Irish Fusiliers was asked if he would send up another C/O to Bde HQ as a support which he did.  
5:00 pm Message from O/C Royals that he had taken over command of NSY owing to very heavy casualties in officers of this Regiment.  
6:20 pm About 85 re-enforcements arrived for Royals, all 3 officers with this party had become casualties coming up.  
7:25 pm Message to 3rd Cav Div. CH.38
8:00 pm Message to 3rd Cav Div. CH.39
8:05 pm Message from 3rd Cav Div received. G.66.M
8:45 pm Staff officer went round trenches from left to right and issued instructions verbally to 3rd Dragoon Guards to close up about 70 yards to their left and for other unit to move accordingly. The line was found to be held as follows - 3rd DG - 50, NSY - 60, RI Fus - 40, NSY & Royals in touch with 3rd KRR. On arrival at HQ of 3rd KRR its was found that orders had been received by O/C 3rd KRR to take over the line from his left to BELLEWAARDE FARM and that RI Fus would take over command of 6th Cav Bde line to Railway. Arrangements were made by staff officer for relief of Royals and NSY to be completed if possible by 1:00 am.  
May 14th
12:30 am
Orders for relief received and arrangements made by G.O.C. with O/C R I Fus to take over the 3rd DG's line. G.75.M
1:30 am Staff officer went to reconnoitre new line of trenches.  
2:30 am New line of trenches occupied in following order:
3rd DG 160 Rifles
The Royals 186 Rifles
10th Hussars 80 Rifles (Placed under orders of G.O.C)
NSY moved to GHQ line and came under orders of 8th Cav Bde. The new line on which the Durham Light Infantry (Territorials) had MG been able to work for one hour ******** ***** ****** about 100 yards in front of railway crossing in I.11.b. ***** NW about 100 yards in front of the road to a point about 400 yards SE of Road junction in I.5.a.3.7 Bde HQ curves to dug out at chateau POITIJE.
**** The 10th Hussars had taken part in the counter attack and had taken a heavy loss.