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2nd Life Guards, 7th Cav Bde, 3rd Cav Div: 12th - 14th May 1915

War Diary
Intelligence Summary

Hour, date, Place Summery of Events and Information Remarks and references to Appendices
May 12th
All preparation having been made to take over trenches near HOOGE, a change of orders necessitated on moving off at 7:30 pm to take over un-reconnoitred trenches 1/2 mile East of POITIJZE from the Buffs noted all movement near trenches impossible in daylight.
2/Lt. Blofeld killed and 5 O/R casualties.
May 13th
3:00 am
Trenches were held by Regiment as follows:-
In I.6. (a & c) = 2 Sqns = 170 Rifles
In I.5.b = 1 Sqn = 85 Rifles
*** 2nd Life Guards had dumped their Machine Guns in POITIJZE, according to Sir Morgan Compton (Signals Officer, 2 LG) at around 7:00 pm of the 12th in POITIJZE
4:00 am A violent artillery bombardment was opened by the enemy AAA This continued till 7:15 am save two feeble Infantry attacks were replused.  
7:15 am An artillery officer reported that the men were falling back from our front on our support trench owing to both our flanks becoming exposed. Our support trench very quickly became untenable owing to the enemy having worked onto the right and left flanks. This necessitated a further retirement on to the G.H.Q.  line. The very heavy shell fire prevented our efforts to reform a line during the above retirement. But the regiment was reformed in the GHQ line by 8:30 am where it remained in support till 7:30 pm. Colonel Ferguson was wounded just as he reformed the regiment in the GHQ line.  
2:30 pm It should be noted that a party of 2 officers and forty five men was despatched with entrenching tools at 2:30 pm in support of a counter attack being made by the 10th Hussars along the YPRES - FREZENBERG ROAD. This party later helped to repel a counter attack made by the enemy on the 10th Hussars.  
7:30 pm The Regiment (Less above party of 2 officers 7 Forty five men) was moved up to fill a gap on the left of the 6th Cav Bde & occupied a trench line along road running NW in I.5.c.  
May 14th
3:00 am
The Regiment was now withdrawn to GHQ line the gap as above been taken over by the Durham Light Infantry. Major Torrin took over command. The regiment remained in support dugouts just South of the YPRES - ZONNEBEKE ROAD in GHQ line approximate to POITIJZE.  
8:30 pm
The Brigade was relieved by a Brigade of the 2nd Cavalry Division and moved back through YPRES just South of VLAMERTINGHE railway station about 12:30 am