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1st Life Guards, 7th Cav Bde, 3rd Cav Div: 12th - 14th May 1915

War Diary
Intelligence Summary

Hour, date, Place Summery of Events and Information Remarks and references to Appendices
May 12th
1:00 am
Regiment took over trenches in accordance with attached Bde orders. The line taken over was not that mentioned in BM.37 above, but further North at VERLORENHOEK. Regiment relieved a Battalion of East Surrey Regiment. On taking over news was received that Lt H Hulton-Harrod had been killed in the trenches during the day just as the relief was completed and Lt. J S Wooley was wounded. Following officers were in trenches night of 12th-13th:

Lt Col Hon A R Stanley DSO
Capt. OEM Mundy
Capt. J J Astor
Capt. R Hamlington-Stubber
Capt. Hon E H Windham
Capt. Sir R U Sutton
Lt. G H Drummond
2/Lt. M Setton-Karr
2/Lt. J S Wooley
2/Lt. T K Robson
2/Lt. S C Bostock
2/Lt. E D Anderson

The left of the position occupied by the Regiment rested on the YPRES - ZONNEBEKE ROAD and was some 150 yards on advance of the front trenches occupied by the Queen's Bays on the North of the road. This was a source of weakness, as the line could be enfiladed from the Huns just North of the road which it was not **** to ***** to the enemy should they advance.
     This section of the line was occupied by B Squadron with D Squadron & HQ in a support trench 50 yards in rear. When the Regiment took over these two trenches were not joined by a communications trench. This however was dug during the night.
     On the right of B Sqn was a gap of some 150 yards in which a farm was situated. South of the farm was A Squadron joining on the right with 2nd Life Guards.
     One machine gun under 2/Lt. Bostock was posted in B Sqn trench, the other with 20 men of A Sqn under 2/Lt. M Seton-Karr was posted in a farm 300 yards in the rear of the position for a "Point d'appuise".
The enemy's guns began to register on the position.  
4:00 am At 4:00 am a very heavy bombardment commenced and lasted unabated vigour till 7:00am. this was unquestionably the heaviest bombardment the regiment had ever experienced during the campaign. The enemies " ********* & ********* " were particularly effective.  
7:00 am At 7:00 am the enemy's infantry advanced. They did not appear to be in any great strength and made a frontal attack on the front of B Sqn, but made for the houses on the left mentioned above.  
7:10 am About 7:10 am it was noticed that the right of the Bde line was retiring, A Sqn was involved in this retirement. Regiment, less A Sqn, hung on for another 10 mins when it was forced to retire, both flanks being threatened.
     They rallied behind a mound 100 yards in the rear of the support trench, but the enemy advanced feebly and presented us target. From this position the regiment moved left into the front trenches of the Queen's Bays where they remained all day.
     Meanwhile A Sqn retired on GHQ Line, which was occupied by the Divisional Reserve.
     No. 2098 Cpl of Horse G Attenborough and 4 men remained in a large shell hole just in front of the "Point d'appuise" (which had been destroyed by the enemy's guns) until 10th Hussars counter attack at 2:30pm when they joined in the counter attack. Through out the day HQ, B & D Sqns remained in Bay's trenches and all ranks owe a deep debt of gratitude to the latter regiment for the magnificent support and assistance they gave to the regiment throughout a very trying day.
     Throughout the day the trenches were very heavily shelled. In all the enemy's guns fired on the position for 11 consecutive hours.
     The position lost in the morning retaken by brilliant counter attack by the 8th Cav Bde at 2:30pm, but they were unable to hold it retiring again about 4pm.      
**** Leicestershire Yeomanry state that 2nd Life Guards had retired by 6:00 am
8:30 pm At 8:30 pm regiment retired to POTIJZE on accordance with G.69 G.69
May 14th regiment moved into GHQ line where it remained all day, Bde forming Divisional reserve. Capt. JCG Leigh plus 1 other rank joined B echelon *****.
9:00pm At 9:00 pm 2nd Cav Div relieved 3rd Cav Div and regiment retired to huts at VL AMERTINGHE.