Reference: WO95/1142
7th Cav Bde, 3rd Cav Div: 12th May 1915

Report by the Officer Commanding, Leicestershire Yeomanry, on Trench Line. 
Lt. Col. The Hon. P C Evans-Freke

       We have occupied the trenches as held by the Royal Fusiliers from the Railway Crossing on the right flank to point near farm which is destroyed. I have two squadrons in front trench and both machine guns.

The Support trench, held by remaining squadron, is too much on left flank and too far in rear, but any new trench within reasonable distance of front line will be very much exposed to shell fire.

The front trench is exposed to enfilade fire since the enemy occupied high ground to S.E., and in consequence I require all the sandbags I can get to improve cover.

       I have located the "Point d'Appuis" which I will occupy as soon I can get the water out. It is close to the support trenches.

       Reference communication with flanks, left flank is not in communication with trench on our left. I have ordered the squadron on that flank to get in touch and cut communication trench. I got touch with troops on my right over the railway, they had not been relived by the Cavalry, but the North Somerset Yeomanry have passed here some time ago to take these trenches over.

       Communication trenches to the support from the firing line will be large work to undertake owing to distance but am starting the work. Since leaving the trenches my telephone has ceased to work, so report by orderly.

        I am still in old RHQ on the road as all the telephones are installed there, including new battery 75 line.

        I have not time to change all the lines to-night, but hope to move my HQ to dug-outs just in front of support trenches to-morrow.

        Echelon "A" has not arrived yet. RE Officer spared me some sandbags but I want still more. I have taken over 8 boxes of S.A.Ammunition besides 2,000 loose in webbing bandoliers from the Royal fusiliers, these I am placing in the trenches.