Frezenberg 2009
Battle Field Finds
found by G Morgan-Jones, 15th May 2009.

.303 Round Case
Found on the LY PAO "A" Squadron location, just behind and right of the right end trench. The markings at the end of the case are "E 14" and "VII". The "E" indicates that the round was made by the manufacturers "Eley Brothers, Ltd., Edmonton, London, U.K." in 1914. The "VII" (not easily seen in the photo) indicates that the primer annulus was Purple, the Bullet tip had no colour code, and the Functional Type was light ball. The round does not appear to have been fired as there is no definite mark from the firing pin, however it does appear to have suffered some other trauma.

.303 British cartridge with Mk.VII bullet in charger clip and alone.

Boot Horseshoe
Found on the LY PAO "C" Squadron front line trench location, at the right end of the trench line close to the railway line that separated the LY PAO from the 3rd Dragoon Guards on their right.