Badge Fakes, Re-Strikes & Reproductions

Bullion Badge

A very poor copy of the "Hand & Lock, London"  LDYPAO Officers side cap badge.

A "Kings Crown" copy of the  LDY NCO's arm badge.
The LDYPAO Regiment was formed in 1957 and therefore have only ever worn the EIIR Crown in the arm badge.

Metal Badges

Modern "plated pig-metal" copy of a pre 1970 Other Ranks AA Gaunt made cap badge.

Re-strike c1939-57

A re-strike badge from an original die, the metal is not brass and not Anodised Aluminium, the badge will not oxidise like brass and will have patches of very orange looking areas. An eBay seller based in Yorkshire sells these badges "honestly" as re-strikes and they cost around 7 per badge. Do not confuse this badge for the post 1952 badges described in K&K Vol. 2 KK1424. NOTE: Look at the "N" in the "Albert's Own" scroll..... its partially missing because of bad voiding, this is a common identification.

Gaunt post 1970 re-strike.

Bronzed metal 1970's re-strike, you can also see the "nick" shape in the top right ribbon.

Fake K&K 1423 

1916-28 Cap Badge

The above badge is real but the slider is a modern fake, the two old N/S loops have been ground away with a modern tool (dremel) and then a modern slider has been put on using a white braise (see below).


Fake K&K 1422

1908-15 Cap Badge 

There are many things wrong with the fake badge, but highlighted in in red circles are just some of the errors. The crown is the wrong shape, its just a poor reproduction.

 A basic observation is sharp pointy leaves. There are also flaw marks inside the "LY" that can be seen in other brass versions of the fake illustrated, indicating a flawed die.

Below is what appears to be a Bronze badge (left) and Brass (righ). Note the very pointed Laurel Leaves and the "stippled" interiors of the L&Y. Nice looking badge..... but a fake.

White metal fake type1 with slider

Bronzed type 2 (complete fantasy badge) and a Gilding metal

White metal type 2

Fake K&K1317

1904-08 Cap Badge

One very basic observation about the above fake is the "stippling" inside the "LY", the original badge (seen below) has deep grooved horizontal lines only.

More fakes can be seen below, slightly better made than the first example but still from the same fake die.