It is customary for B (LDY) Squadron of The Royal Yeomanry and the tradition of the Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry (P.A.O) to include the ceremonial dress of the LY (Hussar) and the DY (Dragoon) in the Guidon Party or other ceremonial occasion in the best tradition of both former regiments.

Busby: Hussar Busby (Black fur), white ( egret feather) over scarlet (Vulture feather) plume, scarlet busby bag, white metal grenade with ring,  sliver cord busby lines, otherwise no braid button or boss.

NB: The officers plume height is a practical necessity, when giving verbal commands and facing front not all Troops could hear the commands but they could see the "Officer's nod" on completion of the command. If you watch the Royal Horse Artillery today you will see the "Officer's nod" in action. The phrase "a nod in the right direction" becomes clear.

Jacket: Dark Royal Blue Jacket similar to the RHA, scarlet collar and cuffs - laced and braided silver (Officer 16 Rows looping and O/R 10 Rows looping) with 5 silver ball buttons across breast on looping. White braid for O/R.

NB: The pattern of the lace work on the back of the Officers & O/R dolmans would be unique to the regiment. Field officers, Captains and Subalterns rank would be recognised by the level lace detail on sleeve and collar (see below). In the late 1890's pips would appear on the Hussar shoulder cords as well.

Rank: NCO Chevron is Silver lace backed with scarlet on Army blue.

Belts: Silver lace (Denmark) on red Morocco leather, boss chains and pricker plate of silver and silver pouch with "LYC Prince Albert's Own", sword belts silver lace on red Morocco leather with silver fittings. Other Ranks white buff leather cross belts and sword belts, black leather pouch with Regimental cypher. All with hussar pattern buckles and sliders.

Sabretache: Officers full dress or field.

Sword: Officers pattern with silver line and acorn. Other ranks, general pattern swords with buff white leather sword knots

Overalls: Field Officers, have double silver lace stripes on blue overalls in levee  dress otherwise and other ranks Blue with double scarlet stripes.

Gloves: All ranks, White gloves on parade otherwise Tan Wrist gloves.

** Walking out dress  would include Scarlet folding side cap for Officers and other ranks peaked forage cap,  riding whip (as per rank) and tan gloves for all ranks.


A Lieutenants Dolman Jacket and Busby.

Belt & Uniform lace pattern.

Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry Hussar Captain
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Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry Hussar Field Officer
Major. P C Evans-Freke, c1910 in Oakham.  Click on for larger image.... Click on for larger image ...
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Subaltern in mounted review order c1895 Another version of the LYC Field Officers cuff, this style of rank cuff was also used by the Light Dragoonss and the Royal Artillery. Both Hussar and Light Dragoon style cuff are used.

Full Dress sword slings with Sabretache

Officers Sword with sword knot

Painting by Hudson
LY Trooper and Officer in dismounted review order LY, LDY No1 Dress Breeches (Mounted)

Butcher Boots, there is no boot boss in the top v-cut of the boot for the Leicestershire Yeomanry.

Other forms of boots that the regiment would have worn are detailed in the picture above. The "Dress Wellington" would be worn with overalls and boxed spurs in dismounted full dress or Mess kit. The "Hussar" boot, the normal field boot, that can bee seen worn through the mid & latter Victorian period. The "Hessian" boot that would be worn in Levee dress; this boot is yet to be seen worn by the PAOLYC.

Other Ranks

Tpr Whitelaw & Tpr Rowbotham at Brecon Camp 1963.
A Derbyshire Yeomanry Trooper and a Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry Trooper, in mounted order, marching through the Regiment at Brecon Camp,1963. It should be noted that the "DY" Trooper should be wearing a brown crossbelt and waist belt and not white as shown in the photo. The Derbyshire Yeomanry other ranks crossbelt and waist belt is made from brown saddle leather, the officers wore (in undress) a crossbelt and sword belt that was made from red Russia leather (reddish brown colour).

Corporals No.1 Dress Jacket c1911
Photos: Micheal D Long Ltd (Leics)


O/R Busby (see also Headdress) & O/R Dolman detail (Back)


LDY No1 Dress Breeches (Mounted) Photo C1900

LY PAO & LDY PAO Other Ranks Dress Sword Slings.

Troopers Sabre

Troopers sword knot

O/R Butcher Boots