Cap Badge Variants
National Archives, RACD Records Vol 18, Page 34 : Leics Yeo badge Patt 8895/1916-22 - Official on 22/5/1916 and Obsolete on 24/4/1922.
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Other Ranks
To date there is no photo evidence confirming the use of this badge by the Officers. It is likely that the Officers used the previously issued "tri-scrolled" badge out of preference.

2nd/1st LY Gilding Metal Cap Badge, "O" loops N/S.
* Possibly found with a slider.

A Trooper's cap badge from the 2nd/1st LY.

Bronzed metal , x2 looped N/S.
* Note to collectors:- This badge will be in many old collections and probably marked as an Officers OSD. This is wrong, only the other Ranks of the home defence 2nd/1st Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry wore this badge and only as a cap badge (see below). It could be that the SNCO's wore the bronzed version in the 2nd/1st?

An NCO from the 2nd/1st Leicestershire Yeomanry.
The image is from a School of Musketry course and the photo was taken by a photographer from Pirbright.

A very worn example of the "bronzed" ORs cap badge.

2nd/1st LYPAO Badges

A :-  Gilding metal x2 N/S looped;  B :- Bronzed metal x2 N/S looped; C :- Gilt washed copper alloy, clasp pin  sweetheart badge.

1st/1st LYPAO Badges

A:- Gilding metal x2 loops N/S; B:- Gilding metal x2 loops N/S; C:- Gilding metal (Crimped Slider); D:- Gilding metal (Pin & Clasp) Sweetheart badge.

Gilding metal, Crimped slider.

"Bronzed" x2 N/S looped.

Squadron Sergeant Major Haynes (B Sqn), right, appears to be wearing the bronzed version. This photo was taken on the 20th May 1916. So it could be that this was worn by the Warrant Officers. The sergeants in this photo are wearing the normal gilding metal badge, as seen on the cap of Sergeant Kind on the left.

Gilding metal, x2 N/S looped, possibly the second issue.

Gilding metal "W" scroll, x2 loops N/S, first issue.

1st/1st LYPAO Sgt. Thurlby Hack MM (Frezenberg survivor) is wearing the first issued "W" scroll variant.

The first public rendition of the new PAO Leicestershire Yeomanry cap badge in 1916.

Publication :- The War Illustrated
Date:- 1st January 1916
Plate:- "Badges of British Yeomanry & Territorial Regiments"