Cap Badge Variants




Officers bullion "LY" cap badge circa 1908-15.

In  photos of the Officers in the early WW1 period you will see some, in khaki service dress,  with a collar badge in the cap and one collar badge in the lapel.

Bronze OSD circa 1915, maker unknown.

Officers white metal (unmarked silver) Cap Badge.

Officers white metal (unmarked silver) Cap Badge x3 loops

Other Ranks

Gilding Metal with slider (1915)
K&K 1422

Pattern Card held at IWM

Catalogue number: INS 2998
Production date: 1915
Materials badge: Gilding metal
Alternative Names:
FULL NAME: badge, sealed pattern, Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own)
SIMPLE NAME: badge, headdress: British
Category: uniforms and insignia

Card reverse: Stamped Locker (442 deleted) 7; inscribed 1817; printed as Royal Army Clothing Department Triplicate Pattern (not filled in).

Card front: badge, card, seal badge: LY voided within a wreath surmounted by a king's crown; on the lower portion of the wreath a scroll inscribed Prince Albert's Own; on the upper portion of the wreath battle honours (as inscription) card: stamped Metal 4480/1897; inscribed, 540/1915 Badge Forage Cap Gilding metal with shanks & pin Leicester Yeomanry. To Guide Provision. To be made to RACD Specftn. 888 for gauge of metal & quality. To be fitted with vertical shank; over inscribed in red ink, Obsolete 22-5-16 See 8845/1916 seal: the Royal Arms encircled War Department Pattern.

Attached Badge: LY PRINCE ALBERT'S OWN SOUTH AFRICA 1900 1901-2

Gilding metal with loops E/W (from 1910 to 1915)

White Metal with loops E/W (from 1910 to 1915)

Other Ranks looped E/W White Metal (in detail) and thought to be produced in a small production for the 1911 Coronation.