Cap Badge Variants



"LIY", King's Crown, dress cap bullion badge.

Metal Cap Badge
There is no photo evidence, that we have seen, of a metal cap badge being worn by the Officers pre 1908. The bullion cap badge was worn (LYC or LIY) with silver or silver plate collars. So the validity of the Officers cap badges shown below are in question.  The Albert's crest badges below are all very rough in quality (compared to the known collars) and are probably "less than genuine".

Unmarked cast white metal
(Validity Unknown?)

(Validity Unknown?)

Damaged OSD
(Validity Unknown?)

Yellow metal or Gilt washed? x3 Blades (Top broken)
(Validity unknown?)

H/M Sterling Silver example possibly only produced in a limited number for individual purchase. This badge was not worn by the Officers. The above example is attached to a senior officers WW1 victory medal.
(apologies for the out of focus photo).

Other Ranks

White Metal, x2 loops E/W.