Cap Badge Variants



Officers (Dress) bullion cap badge circa 1902-08.

"LYC", King's Crown, dress cap bullion badge.

Other Ranks

Gilding Metal (Other Ranks Only), approx 5cm x 7cm. A scarlet barathea backing cloth was worn behind the badge in the khaki peaked forage cap (as shown above).

c1902-4, Post 2nd Boer War PAOLIY 1st Pattern Regimental Cap badge (Other Ranks).
K&K 1316, the letters LIY surmounted by an Imperial Crown. Below, a scroll inscribed Prince Albert's Own.

2nd Boer War

7th (1st Leics) Coy 4th Btn IY, Rosette Numeral, gilding metal.

PAOLYC 7th Sqn, 4th Btn IY, Field Service Pith Helmet.
(Held at the Officers Mess, B (LDYPAO) Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry)

The above rosette is a guess at the 65th Coy's rosette from photos.

Sharrard Gilbert (Trooper in the 65th & Author) :- "Each man bore in his hat a spray of the Lilly of the Valley -the emblem of Leicester - presented to him by the Mayoress of the City. The badge worn by the Squadron was brass numerals 6 and 5 on a blue and cerise rosette."

The IY Prince of Wales cap badge worn by Lt F W Martin in his Slouch Hat, a plain brass cap badge approx' 2.5cm x 2.5cm in size.

One of the Officers in the Squadron photo of the 65th (2nd Leics)/17thBtn IY is wearing a folding field service cap that appears to have a bullion LYC badge sewn onto it in 1902. The FFS Cap would almost certainly be for the Imperial Yeomanry (see above) or it could be the PAOLYC FFSCap (not the Torin) that was army blue in the body with a scarlet crown and silver welts.

Sergeant 21421 Thomas Blakeley Rix, 7th (1st PAOLYC) Coy., 4th Btn. I.Y. back in the UK just after his stint in the Boer War, he is holding his FFS cap and in it is a large POWs Feathers Cap badge...... it does not appear to be bi-metal. Its either a clean brass metal or white metal (most likely WM)? His buttons are QVC GS pattern.

Imperial Yeomanry Other Ranks Folding Field Service Cap Badge (Maker Variant Type 1).
White Metal with 8mm long "O" loops E/W.

Imperial Yeomanry Other Ranks Folding Field Service Cap Badge (Maker Variant Type 2).
White Metal with 8mm long "O" loops N/S.

Standard Imperial Yeomanry Rosette (all ranks)

What "was" thought to be a 4th Battalion "Staff" Puggari Badge is in fact a 4th Coy sew on puggaree badge.