Message & Signal

To: 80th Inf Bde
Senders Number: CH38
Time: 7:25 pm, 13th May 1915
From: 6th Cav Bde

There was no counterattack on the right of railway as my Brigade did not lose any trenches AAA The counter attack on the left of railway failed AAA Situation now is 6th Cav Bde with assistance of one Company RIF (Royal Irish Fusiliers) is holding their original line with one company RIF in support AAA My support is at level crossing  I.11.b AAA The 7th Cav Bde on my left has as far as I can ascertain no troops further forward than in line with my supports at any rate on right of 7th Bde AAA In consequence situation is most unsatisfactory as my left flank on railway is completely **** ***** AAA Casualties in my brigade have been very heavy and for this reason it was necessary for me to ask for assistance of  the two Companies of Infantry and it will be impossible to withdraw them unless replaced with other troops AAA