Message & Signal

To: 3rd Cav Div
Senders Number: CH37
Time: 4:15 pm, 13th May 1915
From: 6th Cav Bde

Lord Alarkin Innes Ken reports that the Blues advanced some distance and were then held up by machine gun fire and that Lord Tweedmouth ordered the Regiment to retire AAA I have sent word to Lord Tweedmouth that he must hold on ***** as advanced position as possible AAA I believe my trenches are still intact but have had to send up two platoons of Irish Fusiliers to re-enforce the firing line owing to casualties AAA O/C Irish Fusiliers has sent another2 Platoons to my HQ to be at my disposal AAA My casualties as far a *** *** *** have been very heavy AAA In writing the attached wire in from RHGds reports that small parties are still holding on about Farm in I.5.d.8.9 and open ridge to S of it but unable to move AAA This appears in regards farm to confirm a previous vague report from wounded men that some of the Blues had got reached the farm and forced them back AAA I have had to send up two more Platoons RIF to reinforce my right and have asked for another Company to come to me AAA