Message & Signal

To: 8th Cav Bde
Senders Number: CH33
Time: 11 am, 13th May 1915
From: 6th Cav Bde

Following message despatched to you at 8:15 am has not got through AAA My Brigade is holding original line AAA Leicesters have vacated their trenches AAA Can this line be retaken AAA I have now heavy casualties AAA The attack has been repulsed along this line for the present AAA Communications very difficult AAA I want reinforcements AAA **** one squadron of Leicesters on my left in line with my support near level crossing AAA O/C ****** has ** ** touch with anybody AAA Enemy advance by dribble AAA Unless my left is secured ***** will be untenable and my retirement can be made as incurring very heavy loss.