Message & Signal

To: 6th Cav Bde repeated to 8th Cav Bde
Senders Number: G.75.M
Time: 12 Midnight, 13th May 1915
From: 3rd Cav Div

80th Infantry Brigade has been ordered to relieve your line tonight AAA A new line is being dug tonight connecting your left with 1st Cav Div, the troops of which will extend some 600 yards south of POTIJZE - VERLONERHOEK ROAD AAA You will command this new line and will hold it with 3rd Dragoon Guards and Royal Dragoons AAA A regiment (10th Hussars - 100 strong ) from the 8th Cavalry Brigade will be placed at your disposal and will move to your present HQ via the railway at once AAA The North Somerset Yeomanry will move to the G.H.Q Line and come under orders of the 8th Cav Bde AAA You will make your HQ at POTIJZE in dug out near CHATEAU AAA

(received by 6th Cav Bde at 12:50 pm 14th)