Message & Signal

To: 8th Cav Bde, repeated 6th, 7th Cav Bde - C.R.A, 28th Division O/C Armoured Motor & G.O.C Cav Force
Senders Number: G.57.M
Time: 12:54 pm, 13th May 1915
From: 3rd Cav Div

The Division has been ordered to retake the trenches lost this morning at all costs AAA The lost line extends from road I.6.a to the railway I.6.c AAA The attack will be undertaken by the 8th Cavalry Brigade under General Bulkley-Johnson at 2:30 pm assisted by armoured motor machine guns AAA  All guns in support of the cavalry line will bombard the line behind the lost trenches from 2 to 2:30 pm after which they will extend their barrage to prevent hostile support being brought up AAA The farm building at I.5.d.7.9 and I.5.b.7.8 will be bombarded with high explosive from 2pm until 2.30pm AAA Spades to consolidate the line ***** will be carried up in rear of the attack by a detachment of the Royals which has been ordered to report to 6th Cav Bde AAA Spades for 10th Hussars on the left of the attack will be carried by men of 7th Cav Bde AAA O/C Armoured Motors will report to G.O.C. 8th Cav Bde for orders AAA 1 Regiment 9th Cav Bde will be prepared to Support counter attack AAA

(Received by 6th Cav Bde at 1:20 pm)