Message & Signal

To: 6th Cav Bde
Senders Number: G.54.M
Time: 11 am, 13th May 1915
From: 3rd Cav Div

I am anxious to be informed more fully as to your situation AAA Where are your regiments and what line are they holding AAA are you in touch with left of the 80th Infantry Brigade AAA R.H.G are now being sent to gain trench with you and to reconnoitre with a view to counter attack on your left flank AAA Until this attack is ordered they will be under your command for purpose of protecting your left and connecting up with G.H.Q line AAA Unless otherwise ordered R.H.G and 10th Hussars now about C.29.R will counter attack at 2:30 pm to regain lost trenches AAA You will co-operate with this attack if you have lost any trenches AAA

(received by 6th Cav Bde at 12:54 pm)