3rd/1st Denbighshire Hussars Yeomanry
The 3rd Line regiment was formed in 1915 and in the summer it was affiliated to a Reserve Cavalry Regiment at The Curragh. In the summer of 1916 it was dismounted and attached to the 3rd Line Groups of the West Lancashire Division as its 1st Line was serving as infantry. The regiment was disbanded early in 1917 with personnel transferring to the 2nd Line regiment or to the 4th (Reserve) Battalion of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Oswestry.

Trooper William Charles Lucas
William died of peritonitus at Park Hall Camp Hospital, Oswestry, February, 1917. He was 28. William was buried in Mount Road Cemetary, St Asaph. William enlisted in July 1915 in 3rd/1st DHY and transferred in Nov 1916 to the 4th Reserve Battalion RWF.
1125 Tpr. John Lloyd
Enlist: 13/11/1915 Disch: 11/7/1916 (Sickness)