Denbighshire Yeomanry Cavalry

Officers Helmet, circa 1840.
The helmet had a silver plate bearing the Prince of Wales feathers and "DENBIGHSHIRE YEOMANRY" on the top edge, all placed on a rayed plate. There was a silver edge to the black peak, with the same metal for the lion head ear bosses and four leaved chin scales.

Helmets circa 1831.

A Diamond and enamel miniature frame, probably by Toussaint, the blue enameled buckled border inscribed in diamonds "DENBIGH + FORESTERS", the top surmounted by drums, falgs, swords and other military trophies in fine diamonds, enclosing in the centre a miniature of an officer, perhaps by John Smart, jun., full lace, head and gaze three-quarters sinister, wearing dark blue uniform with pale blue frogging and silver epaulettes, white cravat and black stock, 4 inch.

The "Denbigh Foresters Volunteer Cavalry" was the unofficial name of the Denbigh Yeomanry Cavalry, a Troop raised in 1799, and a body of infantry known as the Denbigh Legion under the command of Lt.Col. Viscount Kirkwall, which were combined in 1800.

Regimental Guidon post 1796
Probably George III period, 1803. Made from silk and painted.
HEIGHT: 25.59 in. (65 cm)
WIDTH: 40.16 in. (102 cm)
DEPTH: 0.79 in. (2 cm)