Denbighshire Hussars

"Llandudno men that are serving in the Transvaal"
(PAPUR PAWB, Caernarvon, 27 January 1900)
Sergeants Tom Davies, Richard 'Dick' Dunphy, and David Garrick Roberts
Corporal E. R. 'Ted' Owen
Troopers E. O. Williams, T. P. Williams, H. T. Baugh Parry, George Goodwin, Will Hughes, W. Allman, Owen Roberts, Evan Hughes, C. R. Lempriere, Sam Hughes, E. Oliver Jones, W. Kenyon and Bertie Gates.

Other Ranks Walking Out Dress
(White Gloves & whip)

15th Yeomanry Brigade
Denbighshire Hussars & Montgomeryshire Yeomanry
Army & Navy Gazette, No.143, 4th November 1899.

Major Ll E S Parry
Lieutenant 1881; Captain, 1886; Major, 1892; Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel, 1899; Lieutenant-Colonel and Hon. Colonel, 1902; retired, 1908.
Hussar Field Officer

DHY Frock Coat
Hussar Field Officer rank detail.

Captain J J Scott

Officers Busby

Article on the Denbighshire Hussars, 1892.
The article goes on to say that the Gloucestershire Hussars and the Prince Alberts's Own Leicestershire Yeomanry Cavalry were the strongest, in number, at that time.

Officers in Undress cica 1890.
* The waistcoat is part of mess dress.

Lt.Col. Tom Naylor-Leyland (1874-86)
Hussar Field Officer. Memorial at St. Asaph.

The Officers, circa 1885
Denbighshire Hussars
 Lt.Col T Naylor-Leyland, OC, standing center (former 2nd Life Guards).
In No.1 Dress and also showing the DHY patrol jacket. From 1876 the Officers wore a peaked Life Guards pattern forage cap. It was dark blue with a band of silver oak-leaf lace, silver embroidered edge to the peak and a figure on the crown with no button.

Moseley 1877-80
Hussar Field Officer

DH Troopers circa 1880
Still wearing the Light Dragoon jacket, 5 rows of frogging.

DH Trooper circa 1875
Still wearing the Light Dragoon jacket, 5 rows of frogging.