2nd Boer War
8th (DIY) Coy, 4th Battalion IY.

The DIY Officers mess in 1901

Lt. Col. F G Blair
Lt.Col of the Leicestershire Yeomanry Cavalry and Commandant of the 4th Battalion I Y.

Major Dugdale
OC of the 8th (DIY) Coy.

Capt. Harrison OC 7th (LIY) Coy, Capt. C Heseltine (Hants IY) & Capt. L W Gisbourne (Derby IY). Near Harrismith with 16th Brigade on the advance to Pretoria, 1900.

Capt. L W Gisbourne
Gained command of the 8th (DIY) Coy on the promotion of Major Dugdale who took command of the 4th Battalion on the promotion of Col Blair to Brigade.

Lt. W S Power DSO
Lt. Power was shot in the face whilst on a recce in the Summer of 1900, he survived,  and returned to the UK having served 6 months in the field.