The Derby & Chaddesden Hussars

Letter Date : April 10th 1861
From : Duke of Devonshire, Chatsworth, Chesterfield.
To: Captain J G Crompton

I have the honour to inform you that I have received a letter from the Secretary for War acquainting me that Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to approve of " the Derby and Chaddesden Troop of Yeomanry Cavalry" being assembled at Derby on the 27th of May for six days permanent duty, exclusive of marching days, and of the inspection taking place on the 1st of June.

I have the honour to be
Your most obedient Servant

Roll Muster from 1st April 1859 to 31st March1860
Troop Rank Official Rank and No Other Name Post Office address
Captain Captain   John G Crompton The Lilies nr Brailford
Lieutenant Lieutenant   John Hinsh Albert Street Derby
Cornet Cornet Resigned Oct 1860 Wm Blake Friar Gate Derby
QM QM   Joseph Sale Esq Litchurch Lodge
Sergeant Sergeant   John Bryan  
Sergeant Sergeant   George Lamb Cross Lanes
Sergeant Corporal Died Sept 1859 William Beeland Corn Market
Corporal Corporal Joined May 1839/40 William Preslum Chaddesden nr Derby
Trumpeter Trumpeter Dismissed John Church Franchise Street
Farrier Trooper   William Bentley Kensington
Corporal Corporal Resigned Aug 1860 Edward Huggins Corn Market
Corporal Corporal Joined Dec 16th 1836 Charles Gregon South Normanton nr Alfreton
Corporal Corporal Joined Jun 14th 1842 William Haugood Uttoxeter Road
      Josiah Challinor North parade
      Charles Richardson Belper
      John Maddock Mackworth
      George Titterton Tadlen Gate
      William Cubley Queen Street
      John Evans St. Marys Gate
      Samual Pounder Allestree Nr Derby
      John Selly Old Uttoxeter Road
      John Buxton Biggin Mill
      Edwin Thompson Builder
      Charles Potter Friar Gate
      William Morley Chaddesdon Nr Derby
    Resigned December William Salisbury Market Place (Cox & Fountain)
      Joseph Hufton Green Lane
      William Thos Crump Friar Gate
      John Barker Chaddesdon
    Retired Dec 1859 Thomas Hewitt Nuns Street
      Henry Moon Curzon Street
      Thomas Parker Nuns Mill
    Retired Jan 1860 Charles Morley Parker Street
      William Pemberton Edward Street
      William Radford Victoria Street
      Edward Gregon South Normanton Nr Alfreton
    "Got fits" Charles Morley Full Street
      Thomas Morley Normanton
      John Moore Tiddals Lane
      Charles Richardson Belper, Cow House Lane
      William Allsop Sacheveral Street
    Dead John Tomlinson Agard Street
    Left Aug 1860 John Shaw Bridge Gate
      Joseph H Hollins Agard Street
      Tomothy Pimm 29 Ford Street
      John Taylor Back Parker Street
      Joseph Bown Red Lion Canal Street
    Resigned March 1861 Reuben Webster Duffield Road
      William Joplin Babington Lane
      William Haskey Mrs Macklaier, Queens St
      John Rodgers Horsley
      John Abbott Horsley
      William Abrahart 3 London Street
      Thomas Worthington Friar Gate
    Matlock Sidney Wheatcroft Osmaston Road
      John Dorrington Little Chester Nr Derby
      Lawrence Grundy Stanley nr Derby
      Thomas Brookhouse  
      Robert Else Horsley Park Farm
      Reuben Ault, Jun "Rising Sun" Derby
      Arthur Smith Quorn Nr Derby
    Gone away Aug 1860 William Ling Little Chester
      William Dexter Duffield Road
      William Falconer "Tiger" on City Road
    Gone to Muggington (ill) Thomas Jackson Miller, Uttoxter Road
    1860 Jan Joined Henry Pemberton 40 Agard Street
    1860 Jan Joined John Smith Mackworth (Farmer)
    1860 Jan Joined George Thornton Keddleston Road
      Thomas Wilain 53 Fowler Street
      Thomas Pimm Langley Common
      Thomas Cameron  
      William Simpson 33 London Street
      Alfred Broadhurst 15 Budge Street
      John Collard Ford Street
      Charles Collard High Street
      Alkin Chambers 74 London Road
      William Bownes "Red Lion" Canal Street