Sabretache & Crossbelt


The officers wore (in undress) a crossbelt and sword belt that was made from red Russia leather (see picture below). The Patrol jacket seen in the picture above is pleated, this appears to be unique to the DYC.

The DYC dress crossbelt had a silver pricker plate, chains and boss.

DY Dragoon Crossbelt with accoutrements.

Belt end detail.

The gold lace used on the crossbelt and the sword belt (below) is the same as the 9th Lancers c1900.

DYC Officer's Crossbelt c1900. DYC Officers Sword belt.

Victorian Derbyshire Yeomanry Cavalry pouch flap. A good silver Officer's example by Bent & Parker (Birmingham hallmarks, date letter polished) comprising a rectangular silver plate, the border engraved with half inch line of floral decoration; mounted to the centre, a gilt floriated DYC cypher.


The DYC Undress Sabretache.



North Derbyshire Yeomanry Crossbelt, Alfreton troop, 1820s

Gold-thread pouch belt believed to have been owned by John Chambers. Pouch belts held ammunition (lead balls and paper cartridges of gun-powder) and were worn around the soldier’s back