Trooper circa 1913.


DIY Officer at Shottle Camp in 1903


Col. Chandos-Pole (DYC) inspecting the Regiments at Aston Camp c1897, the Leicestershire Yeomanry have just marched past.


A close up of the Derbyshire Yeomanry Cavalry at camp in c1897, note the White/Red throat plume of the Troop Leader.


DYC Captain circa 1895, in patrol order.



Regimental Troop No.3

Attested 5th March 1880, promoted from Corporal to Sergeant (B Squadron) on 10th February 1891. Appointed Quarter Master, B Squadron on 22nd January 1892. Appointed Quater Master Sergeant on 16th May 1901. Acting Derbyshire Yeomanry RSM circa 1906-09.