Crossbelt, Sabretache & Sword

Silver/Gilt, dated 1910.
* The DHY Officer it belonged to was C H Stott.

Hallmarked Birmingham, 1902.

Other Ranks Crossbelt Pouch Badge

Officers Belts and Accoutraments.

Cross belt and sabretach strap
Gold lace "Herringbone" (Light Dragoon)

An early 1800 shape and a circa 1820 shape.
(Both images from a photo taken in 1885)

1885 Pattern Cavalry Trooper's Sword
Carried by both the 9th Lancers and the Denbighshire Yeomanry (Wales).  It was made by Weyersberg, Kirschbaum and Company of Germany who manufactured large quantities of swords for the British Army during the latter half of the 19th Century due mainly to the fact that British sword makers could not meet demand.  This was an unusual pattern of British cavalry sword as it featured a pierced Maltese Cross in the hilt.  Grips are made from chequered leather.  This sword has extensive issue and date stamps to both the blade fortes and top of the hilt.  These regimental markings are repeated on the scabbard throat.