61st (Caernarvon & Denbighshire Yeomanry) MR, RA.
The Denbighshire Yeomanry were one of the Cavalry regiments transferred to the Royal Artillery post Great War; it was re-roled as a medium artillery formation, and amalgamated with the 61st Medium Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery (the former Carnarvonshire Artillery Volunteers), to form 61 Medium Regiment R.A. (Caernarvon and Denbigh Yeomanry)
In WW2 the 61st Medium Regiment saw service in France during the phoney war (1939–1940); after the Dunkirk evacuation, it would remain in the United Kingdom until returning to Europe in June 1944 with 21st Army Group.

Lt.Col. D M Bateson DSO TD

David Archibald Price-White was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery (Territorial Army) in 1928. Upon commissioning he was assigned Army Number 41972. On the 17th of April 1932 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. At that time he was serving with 242 Battery of the 61st (Carnarvon and Denbigh Yeomanry), Medium Brigade, Royal Artillery (T.A.) and was stationed at Llandudno.

On the 10th of February 1938, Price-White was promoted Captain. He was serving with the Headquarters of the 61st (Carnarvon and Denbigh Yeomanry) at the Drill Hall in Colwyn Bay on the Irish Sea, 5 miles east-southeast of Llandudno. By this time the unit had been redesignated as a Medium Regiment. He was subsequently promoted to the rank of Major on the 24th of July 1939, just prior to the start of World War 2.

Major Price-White first saw active service during the war in France in 1940 with the British Expeditionary Force, where the 61st (Carnarvon and Denbigh Yeomanry) Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery was part of the General Headquarters Troops of the BEF. He later served in the Middle East, Sicily, Italy and East Africa. In 1944 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Since his service papers were not available to the author at the time this narrative was prepared, the units in which he served in each theater of the war are not known.

The 61st (Carnarvon and Denbigh Yeomanry) Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery formed part of the Western Command at Colwyn Bay in North Wales at the start of the war. The regiment went to France with the original BEF in October of 1939, so it seems likely that Price-White was with the unit at that time. In June of 1940 the regiment was with the Home Forces in the UK and in May of 1944 it was assigned to the 21st Army Group. By May of 1944 the regiment was serving in North West Europe. For Price-White to have served in the Middle East, Sicily, Italy and East Africa, it seems likely that he left the 61st Medium Regiment, R.A. for an assignment or assignments with some other formation after the evacuation from Dunkirk.

On the 12th of April 1945 the London Gazette announced the award of the Territorial Decoration to Price-White. The entry reads as follows:-

The KING has been graciously pleased to confer "The Efficiency Decoration" upon the following officer of the Territorial Army:- Royal Artillery - Capt. (T/Maj.) D.A. Price-White (41972)

Captain Harry Parker
Denbighshire yeomanry 61st Medium Regiment RA
"Demobbed in July 1946. Most of the local men joined the TA battery in ‘39. There was one in Wrexham and one in Llanrwst also. There is a book published called ‘The Freedom of the burghers’. It was bestowed on the 61st medium and in the book are all the names of all the men in the TA who were called up. There was Ray and Sid, the two brothers of Captain Cutler. I was a Surveyor and Quartermaster."

891670 Gunner Alfred Davies (magnified) 
Marching through Llandudno in 1947 61st (Carnarvon and Denbigh Yeomanry) Medium Regiment 88 (Fd).

14299321 Gunner J H Green
Died on the 22nd November 1944, age 29.
61st Medium Regt RA.
Denbigh Yeomanry

Officers, NCO's and men serving with 244 [Denbigh] Battery Royal Artillery [Territorials] at Trawsfynydd, 1929.
(Plate no 205. Photo by C. E. Amphlett, Ludlow.)

The 244th Denbigh Battery Royal Artillery was formed in 1922 from the Denbigh Yeomanry which was converted from Yeomanry to Artillery. The HQ was at Wrexham