Denbighshire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry

B Squadron on parade in the new Blues uniform in 1907.
Staff Sergeant Major A E Bateman, a regular PSI, is standing next to the Denbighshire Hussar in dress unifrom.

DHIY at Margam Park Camp, Port Talbot, Neath, 1906.

Sergeants, circa 1906.

Troop Sergeant (circa 1906)
 White worsted wool NCO Arm badge with an army blue backing cloth.

Squadron Sergeant Major W Flint
B Squadron, circa 1906.

DHIY hurdle race at St. Asaph, 1905.

Troopers looking after the hurdles.

 Officer Group, Llanfairfechan 1904.
Back Row:- 2/Lt. C Lloyd-Edwards; Lt. G E Cotton; 2/Lt. R Lloyd; 2/Lt. E W Griffith; E J Bracken; Mjr. A Gough; Lt. D S Davidson; Lt. J J Scott
Middle Row:- Cpt. E Platt; Cpt. J H Wrigley; Mjr. H P Sykes; Ll E S Parry; E Lloyd; Capt. J H E Holford D.S.O. (7th Hussars - DHIY Adjutant from 1st Jan 1902)
Front Row:- F Ll Priestley; J D Mayhew
Captain J H Hollford (7thH) Adjutancey possibly finished in 1908 when Captain S C Holland (1stKDG) took it up.

Sergeants, Llanfairfechan 1904.
The photo was taken at the annual training at Llanfairfechan, Caernarvonshire.
Officers pictured: Lt.Col S P Sykes (ex-Queens Bays); Possibly Lt.Col. Howard or Lloyd; Hon.Lt.Col. S Ll Parry; DHIY Adjutant Capt James H E Holford DSO (7th Hussars)

Post 1904 Officers Mess Dress.
* Collar Badges :- Small Silver Prince of Wales feathers.
Officer's Cap & Badge in 1903.

Officers Folding Field Service Cap
* Cap Badge :- Silver Bullion Wire.

Officers Gilt Washed Shoulder Title.

Officers Uniform.

DHIY Offcer
Photo taken at the Yeomanry school, at Aldershot, in 1903.

Other ranks Gilding Metal Shoulder Title.

Other Ranks Unifrom.
Troopers, CSqn
circa 1903
Trooper H D Burnet
circa 1904

Circa 1903

Pre 1904 Officer's Mess Jacket & Waistcoat.
* Also showing cuff variation.

Howard (1892-1902)
Field Officer

DH Trooper, 1902.