Charles Bulkeley Bulkeley-Johnson
CB.  GOC Cavalry Brigade 
Harrow School, RMC Sandhurst 
2nd Dragoons

Charles Bulkeley Bulkeley-Johnson was the son of Francis Bulkeley-Johnson. He commissioned in the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) on 5 February 1887. Bulkeley-Johnson was a talented sportsman, horseman and big-game hunter. From January 1899 until January 1903 he was attached to the Egyptian Army, taking part in the Nile Expedition and in the operations that led to the defeat of the Khalifa. He was appointed CO 2nd Dragoons on 19 August 1911 at the comparatively early age of 43 and took them to war in August 1914 as part of Sir Philip Chetwode’s 5th Cavalry Brigade.

He was promoted GOC 8th Cavalry Brigade, 3rd Cavalry Division, on 23 November 1914. For part of 1915 Bulkeley-Johnson’s Brigade Major was Keppel Bethell. Later in the war, Walter Guinness, one of Bethell’s staff officers, visited 8th Cavalry Brigade, commenting that ‘Bulkley Johnson [sic] seems rather like Bethell in character and I should imagine they must have knocked their heads together’.[1] 

Bulkeley-Johnson commanded 8th Cavalry Brigade until his death in action on 11 April 1917 while carrying out a personal reconnaissance of the enemy near Monchy-le-Preux. He was 49. He is buried in Grouy-en-Artois Communal Cemetery Extension, France. He was the thirtieth British general to be killed in action or to die of wounds on the Western Front.